About us

Štefan PolgáriManaging Director

As the co-founder of the network I lead it to date. It has been a long way from an empty system without advertisers and publishers to today’s functioning system. However, I believe in fairness and openness both towards the partners and within the corporate culture. I’m glad that we’re still an independent network that has no “headquarters” and stand on own feet, free from investors and debt.

I’m extra proud of our position and activities within the affiliate market education. We’ve published several books, an e-mail course, hold conferences and meetings. All with a view to building up the entire market rather than waiting when and who register himself/herself. It’s difficult and pretty expensive but right.

Petronela NovotnáCountry Manager Dognet Slovakia

Within the affiliate network Dognet, I work on affiliate marketing development on the Slovak and Czech markets. I offer to e-shops the opportunity of winning over new customers and sales based purely on a commission system. Thus they can diversify a bit better their customer sources and get ad space on the internet which they could not otherwise cover.

My primary job description includes business co-operation, acquisition and care of in particular Slovak but also many Czech campaigns. Until recently, a large part of my job description was also billing itself and commission-related actions in regard of advertisers and publishers alike.

Naturally, there are always also one-off actions or minor tasks related to the network development and improvements, co-operation conditions and enhancing the efficacy of campaigns.

In the meantime, I try to get to know new people at working meetings or conferences or meetups.

I encounter at regular intervals new challenges that move me forward and I believe that this working trend will persist. 🙂

Roman DobiášCountry Manager Dognet Czechia

I’m in charge of Dognet activities in the Czech Republic.

If you want to know more about affiliate, consider getting your e-shop involved in affiliate, if you want to assess unbindingly the potential, call or write us at any time. And this even in case that you have no experience with affiliate marketing or, the other way round, you tried your hand at it and were not be satisfied. I always make sure that campaigns bring long-term benefits to advertisers and are at the same time attractive to publishers. Simply the classical win-win. And if I have any doubt or do not see a potential, I always tell in advance.

I have worked in commerce and marketing for 25 years. I started in telecommunications, in the last 10 years I’ve been engaged with online marketing. I had worked at the online marketing agency Sherpas (formerly Dobrý web), where I had gained a lot of experience with building and optimising websites and online marketing strategies for both minor and major clients. But I also know the advertiser’s point of view, thus the functioning and development of e-shops, as I had led one in pharmacy terms for 3 years. Thanks to this experience I can understand the goals, expectations and possibilities of an advertiser from its point of view and, as a result, better find an optimal and economically-functioning soluition to affiliate campaigns.

Veronika AlmásiováRelationship Manager

At Dognet, I’m engaged with our new but also existing publishers. I’m in charge of communication with Slovak and Czech publishers from their very first contact with the network.

I help our partners not only get started with affiliate but I also guide them through the process of deploying campaigns, show them how to deploy a campaign on their projects as well as possible, and reply to many more enquiries encountered by them. I deal with control of publishers’ websites and in case of shortcomings I propose improvements for them.

I communicate with partners also within the control for campaign deployment on their projects. Within the control, I’m in charge of who and in what way promotes campaigns on its websites.

At Dognet, we do everything as best as we can. Customers’ satisfactions is important to us. Owing to a professional approach taken by each of us we’ll help you improve your project to perfection. We devise innovations that might be implemented or improved so that the job we do makes sense. And, most importantly, we put our heart into everything.

Eva CicháFinancial Manager

As a financial manager, I am in charge of all financial processes in the company. From invoicing to advertisers, through debt collection to the payment of commissions to publishers.

Because at Dognet the satisfaction of our advertisers and publishers is a priority, I communicate with our partners adn customers on a daily basis to resolve any questions or concerns regarding finance, billing, and order evaluation.

The entire Dognet team, led by Štefan, are great and skilful people who create an excellent atmosphere in the office, which is then visible in communication with everyone who comes into contact with Dognet network.

Ondrej TakáčProduct & Project Manager

My name is Ondrej and as Affiliate Manager I’m in charge of our publishers, integration and control of campaigns, following statistics, problem-solving, etc. I can help our publishers not only with technical problems but also with marketing issues as I had spent six years at the agency JANDL working as a project manager of digital projects.

In addition to the care of publishers, I’m also in charge of technical aspects of the entire Dognet network, I deal with trechnical integration of new campaigns, verify the functionality of trackings, troubleshoot errors, address possible shortcomings, deploy improvements, etc.

Unlike other companies, I see a huge advantage at Dognet in that if you want to change something for the better, you don’t have to hold three meetings on it and persuade the management for a full month. Simply I say, Štefan nods, and we’re going to deploy. Thanks to this we can response quickly to both publishers’ and advertisers’s requirements and improve our network at a fast rate.

Šimon PavliščákHead of Affiliate Management

At Dognet, I hold the position of Affiliate Manager and I’m a twin to Ondrej, our Affiliate Manager. I’m in charge in particular of the integration of new campaigns in the network. I launch campaigns in all of the five countries in which Dognet currently operates – Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Poland. We’re growing slowly but steadily into the Slovenian and Croatian markets as well.

Then I promote the launched campaigns among publishers on various social networks and groups. I’m also in day-to-day contact with advertisers and publishers. I communicate with advertisers in regard of the campaign integration process itself, from sending login data to administration, asking for promotional materials, deployment of tracking codes, to the very launch and care of a campaign. The communication with them takes place, of course, also after launching the campaign. at which time I check the course and properness of campaigns’ functioning, in particular in technical terms. I can reveal at due time when a failure of tracking occurs and I address it promptly with an advertiser to remedy the problem. I communicate with a publisher in particular with respect to control for campaigns’ deployment on their own projects and I also reply to their day-to-day enquiries regarding active campaigns. I’m also in charge that we know who and in what way promotes campaigns.

Vojtěch BartoněkAffiliate Manager Czechia

I'm a new reinforcement to the Dognet Czech team. As Affiliate Manager I'm engaged with affiliate marketing development and optimisation on the Czech market. I'm responsible for not only winning over new clients but simultaneously also for the care of campaigns already engaged. I'm also in charge of communication with advertisers from the initial contact and follow-up launch to promotion and finding of the best solution just to your affiliate marketing.

I've been already in my third year in the affiliate environment and over this period I've had the opportunity of trying my hand at the very functioning of performance marketing from a variety of points of view. Given this experience, I'll help you properly optimise your project, arrange for promotion using various tools, and also make proper use of the network potential.

I'm glad to be a part of a project that enables me to constantly work on myself. Owing to the great functioning of the entire team and the one-on-one approach to each advertiser, also you will get unique co-operation and opportunity of successfully improving your project.

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