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Plastic windows and doors favourable for your home 

The e-shop Ablakok-raktarrol.hu has the Czech Republic´s largest warehouse of plastic windows and doors. Moreover, customers can configure their own windows and doors, which are made to measure and supplied at the chosen address.

The e-shop´s target group do-it-yourselfers and those who renovate or build houses singlehandedly. Owing to supplying or manufacturing specific dimensions, windows from this e-shop are also fit for premises featuring atypical opening sizes, for example for cabins and cottages, sheds, workshops, garden houses, cellars, garages, or bathrooms. Windows can be made in various decors, including wood decors (light sheffield, grey oak, woodec turner oak, golden oak, dark oak, winchester, walnut, noce sorrento, mahogany) and in various profiles. The REHAU SYNEGO AD profile, supplied as standard with triple glazing and available in the Classic or Round Line variants, meets the standards for passive and low-energy houses.

In addition, an extensive consultation room full of installation instructions is available on the website, from targeting openings through installing windows and doors to modifying accessories such as installing insect nets, indoor blinds, or windowsills. Skladové-okna.sk is located at Kuřím near Brno, where they have a client centre, a warehouse and, sharing with the company Oknostyl, a large and modern showroom where various types of windows, doors and their accessories can be seen. It´s possible to obtain visual material or important information at the Kuřim compound.

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Ideas for creating a campaign:

  • the procedure for installing windows singlehandedly while reconstructing a house (photo or video procedure, written instructions)
  • construction of a garden cabin or house with window installation singlehandedly (photo or video procedure, written instructions)
  • reviews of Warehouse Windows on the blog, video reviews on the YouTube channel
  • Instagram posts/stories about replacing windows in a cottage/while renovating a house
  • the procedure for choosing windows for a new building while working singlehandedly
  • construction of alternative types of housing and installation of atypical window sizes

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