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In our army shop you´ll find weapons for sports purposes such as airsoft or gas weapons, self-defence items, and tactical equipment. Eventually also bows and crossbows which are equally high-quality sports gear. As for the offer of expansion weapons, in our army shop you can meet historical weapons, eventually novelties or curiosities.

Our longstanding operation on the market is a guarantee of quality and your satisfaction. We have already operated on the Slovak market for more than 18 years, having served in our army shop a multitude of customers over this time. Thanks to their comments and requirements we have sought to bring our services as close as possible to the customers´ requirements. As a result, our army shop ranks among the best known and highest quality shops in Slovakia not only in terms of sales of weapons but also of the other military equipment.

Our army shop also offers self-defence items. These are items such as stun guns, expandable baton, defence spray, boxer, and other products intended for self-defence and protection from attackers overall. For these defence items from our army shop you are not required to possess a firearms license. They are also characterised by simple handling, operation and long service life.

Competition advantages: continuous monitoring of competitors with a view to maintaining as low as possible prices for consumers, continuous monitoring of the foreign market with a view to introducing novelty products which are still not to be found on our market and are successful and chiefly of strong interest in the world, formation of own and vast inventory in order to deliver goods to the consumer as fast as possible, personnel professionalism  and extensive experiences based on the longstanding operation on the market

What we offer: in particular defence items for personal defence and defence against potential human or animal attackers (defence sprays, gas pistols, electric paralysers, and others), free sale weapons for sports and leisure activities such as air, airsoft and flobert weapons and rich accessories and adapters thereto, dysfunctional weapon collector replicas for weapon history fans

Target group: the target group is every consumer who want to feel safer and more confident owing to possessing a defence item, every consumer who is interested in sports or leisure shooting from free sale weapons

TOP products (by sales revenue from 23 July to 23 October 2020):

  • Flobert Zoraki Streamer 4,5″, black, cal. 6 mm
  • Air rifle Gamo Hunter 440 pack AS NEW, cal. 4,5 mm
  • Flobert Zoraki Streamer 6″ black, cal. 6 mm
  • Gas pistol Atak Zoraki 917 T, black, cal. 9 mm, P.A. Knall
  • Flobert Zoraki Streamer 6″, polished chrome, cal. 6 mm
  • Reflex crossbow Ek-Archery Cobra system ADDER, 130 Lbs
  • Flobert Stribog SP9A2, cal. 6 mm
  • Flobert Zoraki Streamer 4,5″, polished chrome, cal. 6 mm
  • Gas pistol Zoraki 906, black, cal. 9 mm
  • Flobert Alfa 641, black, wood, cal. 6 mm

TOP categories (by sales revenue from 23 July to 23 October 2020):

  • Flobert revolver, cal. 9 mm
  • Air rifles, cal. 4.5 mm
  • Revolvers CO2
  • Reflex crossbow
  • Diabolo 4.5 mm
  • Ear protectors
  • Defence sprays pepper
  • Ammunition 9 mm
  • Flares

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