We are a young company having high performance and huge motivation. We are e-shop

In early 2015, we started implementing an idea we had held in our heads for a year or so: create a shop for doggies in which we ourselves would be happy to buy. Create a comfortable environment where customers will be satisfied with both service and delivery times. We began to work on everything and this e-shop came into existence. We put in our work not only our strength, knowledge and experience but also our heart. Because where there are animals, there must also be great love.

Why buy with us of all places?

  • High-quality offer – our offer has a high standard. We constantly buy for you and your doggies new products and arrange for new co-operations with suppliers. All the products on offer have a photograph which can be enlarged and description is also a matter of course.
  • One-to-one approach – do you not know what to do with something? Dou you seek advice? Do not hesitate to approach us! In contacts, you will find both e-mail and telephone. Do not hesitate to use them. We will be happy to help you with a smile on our lips.
  • Quick delivery – also do you not like those e-shops that show false information with respect to accessibility? Nor do we. This will not happen to you with us! We do really keep with us the goods designated as on stock. We seek to handle orders as soon as possible so that your doggies do not have to wait long.

TOP 10 products:

  1. Láska 01 For healthy teeth and gums 30 ml
  2. Sign language for dogs
  3. Animal Cake – cake mix for doggies
  4. Bouda bavl. Bednář brown/beige decomposing 50 x 60 cm
  5. Front pack Malta up to 7 kg black 35x22x40 cm
  6. Rear batoh PLATA up to 10 kg 34x30x43 cm
  7. Harness Free motion size 7
  8. Boomer Ball ball 20 cm
  9. Tracking leash flat black 10 m/1,6 cm
  10. Interactive toy BrainBoard Glide 30×20 cm

TOP 10 categories:

  1. Toys
  2. Jackets and vests
  3. Classic beds
  4. Pillows and mattresses
  5. Bags and backpacks
  6. Transport boxes and cages
  7. Car accessories
  8. Dental care
  9. Training aids
  10. Original T-shirts


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