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Siqur Salute


Agritur, BIOnákupy, La Finestra sul Cielo, Salomoni, Biotuscany, fior di loto, Isola Bio, ConsonniBioalghe


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BIOnakupy is a family business built on product quality and an honest selection of the very best BIO and ECO products. Our assortment consists of an offer of bio food, healthy nutrition, and necessities for eco-households.
We test each product before it´s included in our offer and carefully check the composition and the manufacturer thereof. We thoroughly check each manufacturer and only offer you products from verified and honest producers also from our Slovakia.
Our offer does not contain products that contain white sugar, lactose, preservatives or palm oil white sugar, lactose, preservatives, or palm oil. All products are exclusively of plant origin.
We communicate our main advantages to customers on this site.
In packing, we at times also use used boxes and paper fillings, paper cardboard for glass bottles, and paper adhesive tapes. We minimize the impact on the environment while packing shipments.
We are proud holders of the gold certificate Verified by customers from which can only be obtained by verified e-shops with high-quality and reliable services.
As the only e-shop in Slovakia, we provide our customers with a gift for purchases over €40 a living lievito madre with a story.
We´re most happy to cooperate with the Austrian manufacturer of KoMo wooden grain mills. We´re Slovakia´s exclusive distributor and provide customers with top-quality consultancy and service.
We have Slovakia´s biggest offer of salt lamps that are extremely popular in autumn and winter periods.
Our offer is also enriched with Our offer is also enriched wit homemade presses for cold-pressed oils. They are unique in that they contain the patented Swiss Gold Disc technology which energizes the pressed oils.

We´re the exclusive distributor for the following brands:

  1. Antico Molino Rosso
  2. Agritur
  3. Biologicoils
  4. ConsonniBioalghe
  5. Baule Volante
  6. Fior di loto
  7. KoMo
  8. La Finestra
  9. Turri

Top 10 products:

  1. Manitoba BIO Antico Molino Rosso
  2. AIDA 3.3 BIO Antico Molino Rosso
  3. Cannavita portioned hemp tea without packaging
  4. Sicilian lemon juice BIO 250 ml Biotuscany
  5. Barley diastatic baking malt  BIO Antico Molino Rosso
  6. UME SAN Umetablety 98% 16 g La Finestra
  7. Whole-grain rice drink 17% TOP BIO 1l isola BIO
  8. Tea soy candle without packaging Vonia
  9. Semolina flour BIO Antico Molino Rosso
  10. AIDA 2.6 BIO Antico Molino Rosso


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