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Commission: 15%, 10% for cashback portals and 5% for coupon websites

We´re Eppi, young Czech pioneers in the area of online sale of jewelry. We make jewelry in own goldsmith workshop in the centre of Prague, we also co-operate with the best world suppliers. We don´t know the words “it´s impossible” and we´re able to turn any idea into reality. This is evidenced by our unique co-operation with Rytmus or the female youtuber Not So Funny Any. We create for our clients jewelry which goes with them for whole generations.

We rely on that our e-shop is neatly-arranged and simple for millennials but also for you mummy. We have a personal approach to every customer and offer an above-standard service. Unpacking our parcels is an unforgettable experience (e.g. thanks to a specific aroma whose composition is a trade secret!). Read about what customers speak of us on Heureka.

Why shop at Eppi?

  • We offer unrivalled benefits from free shipment for everything, a 60-day jewelry return period, a lifetime warranty, service, and a host of other bonuses.
  • Jewelry is made by a team of experienced goldsmiths in the centre of Prague. We´re   personally responsible for the quality of all products that leave us for the world.
  • We´re part of major life events of our clients. Online sale of engagement rings, wedding rings and jewelry with an attractive commission are in high demand with us!
  • We´ll customize an item of jewelry to our customers´ wish. Whether it´s engraving of own text or gemstone exchange.

TOP products

  1. Sevati diamond engagement ring
  2. Mahiva diamond engagement ring
  3. Infinity silver necklace
  4. Karma minimalist gold necklace
  5. Ygyn comfort gold wedding rings
  6. Ebie hemispherical gold wedding rings
  7. Heidy 14K yellow gold ball stud earrings
  8. Tyriq silver tree of life bracelet

Interesting categories

  1. Jewelry and accessories in stock – just wrap and send. These are with the customer within 48 hours!
  2. Jewelry in action – currently discounted products from our warehouse
  3. Engagement rings – a wide offer from affordable to luxurious diamond rings
  4. Wedding rings – traditional and non-traditional designs, a possibility to try out at our Showroom, engraving
  5. Pendants and necklaces

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