As every guy, we have also tackled many times over the year a complex problem with choosing a gift for our woman (birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc.). We worried over how to resolve this problem. I bought my wife, as recommended by her, a really expensive cream and I hoped for her to be satisfied. She was really satisfied with me and my intent but not with my cream and its effects. Her words suggested that all the creams she had tried so far failed to have that promised effect and in addition she had her sensitive skin irritated after applying them.; And thus we chose to find a solution and hence also the very best gift.

We had been looking for such cosmetics producer as would be able to make natural but also efficient cosmetics. After a long search for, and screening of, appropriate producers, raw materials and technologies, we finally found an appropriate producer meeting our highly demanding requirements. We carefully selected the first formulations which would please women. At first my wife and her female friends tried these cosmetics and as their reactions were positive, I chose to try and offer the cosmetics to others as well.

We at first registered the brand ETANI, took all steps toward necessary certification and tests. Upon receipt of positive outcomes and reviews, we chose to sell these cosmetics. The

demand for ETANI cosmetics has grown rapidly. Nevertheless, the objective of our work and efforts remains the same. Let all women, not only that of mine, be utterly satisfied with ETANI cosmetics, let them always feel nicely whilst using them, let them see that the cosmetics help them, and let them always feel confident in our service and care. We do it from the heart and with pleasure.

The cosmetics are made in the Czech Republic in an honest and high-quality manner from the very best raw materials, a whole team of experts ranging from developers, physicians, chemists and beauticians to sales representatives and managers are involved in cosmetics development. We have around us a team of amazing people whom we´re proud of and whom we trust. Together we do try for the cosmetics to be natural but chiefly efficient.

Why ETANI of all cosmetics?

  • An honest and personal approach at the e-shop, in telephone communication also in a presentation parlour. We do our job from the heart, always honestly and professionally.
  • Real people and experts stand behind the brand.
  • We offer FREE cosmetic counselling and skin diagnostics.
  • ETANI diagnostics are also fit for sensitive and allergic skin.
  • We offer pure concentrates of active ingredients from the very best raw materials.
  • Truly efficient natural and skin-friendly cosmetics.  
  • High-quality cosmetics made in the Czech Republic.
  • We also supply to pharmacies, beauty parlours and export to many European countries.

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