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IBO s.r.o., a professional vendor of global brands with a smile. We rank among the leaders in the hunting equipment market. We aren´t an ordinary company, we make up a community of born adventurers who have taken it upon themselves to bring you the very best from the hunting and nature world. Our mission is to protect and celebrate wild beauties while at the same time offering exclusive experiences for those who share the same passion. We´re professionals who work with the heart and always get things done. Within the portfolio of IBO Poľovník s.r.o., offers and services you´ll find a wide variety of options for your hunting adventures:

Hunting supplies (average order CZK750)

Camera traps (average order CZK7,500)

Binoculars (average order CZK11,250)

Rifle scopes average order CZK18,750)

Night vision (average order CZK13,750)

Thermal imaging systems (average order CZK3,750)

Hunting clothing (average orderCZK6, 250)

Hunting accessories (average order CZK6,250)

Knives and tools (average order CZK6,250)

Self-defence devices (average order CZK1,750)

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We offer a wide selection of army clothing and accessories from winter jackets through scarves and gloves to trousers. All from high-quality producers such as TETRAO, Härkila, Fjällräven, Deerhunter, or Merkel Gear. If you plan to stay longer in nature, even for the night, camping gear is here for you. In addition to a tent, a sleeping bag and a mat, a gas cooker, a high-quality knife or cutlery will definitely be befitting. Also offered are various tools and implements for fire making, lighting, various types of batteries, chargers, and others. We also offer top quality wildlife cooling boxes, which are intended for storing game at the point of sale and for direct sale. For home storage of meat but also of other foods, there are available food vacuum sealers. If you´re fond of going out in nature accompanied by your four-legged pet, we recommend dog accessories. These are practical tools that will help you in training your pet. Lures, which are a major part of hunting gear and serve to attract wild animals, could also help you to hunt successfully. Game baits are also a great hunting aid.

Hunting weapons and ammunition make up a self-contained category of weapons and ammunition, which are intended for hunting and fun in nature. They are used to kill animals and usually have a higher accuracy and a longer range than common handguns.Designed so as to hit animals at longer distances, shotguns rank among the most frequently used hunting weapons. IBO Poľovník offers a wide selection of shotguns, whether you´re looking for a gun for hunting or sport shooting. Here you´ll find renowned brands from manufacturers such as HAENEL – MERKEL, Bergara, FAIR, Fossari, Beretta, Česká Zbrojovka, and many more. Rifles are another category of weapons. Rifles can be of various types, sizes and calibers and are used for various purposes such as sport shooting, hunting, or defense. The key to success on every hunt. In our offer you´ll find top-quality binoculars, thermal imaging systems, collimators, or rifle scopes. In the category binoculars, you´ll discover a multitude of global brands boasting multi-year tradition and experience. These are brands such as Leica, Vixen Optics, Delta Optical, Zeiss, or Swarovski. In Slovakia, you´ll find some of the aforesaid brands exclusively at IBO. Among the additions to the family of high-quality optics ranks the TETRAO, brand, which is characterized by high optical performance at a favorable price.


TOP products:

TETRAO Wildlife Cooling Box 2×2 m

Leica Calonox Thermal Imaging Sight 2v1 – detection 2,000 m

TETRAO Elanus Rifle Scope 3-18×56 G4i

HOLOSUN HS510C Collimator

TETRAO Bubo H-6 Wi-Fi 50 Hz Thermal Imaging Sight – detection 559 m

TETRAO Bear Spray CR 150 ml

FoodSaver VS3190X Foode Vacuum Sealer


Olight Warrior X Turbo LED Light 1100 lm  

Merkel Gear Paläarktis 365 Men´s Jacket

Deerhunter Men´s Performance Underwear Set

TETRAO Luxury 35-Litre Hunting Backpack

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