We are Ioana and Bogdan, owners of FUNKYFAIN | est. one summer | shop online with women’s shoes: genuine leather sandals handcrafted on a beautiful Greek island, espadrilles, shoes and boots. All of our products are genuine leather handcrafted, they are high quality shoes, with a contemporary design, minimal, yet very fashionable, in one word funky.

We’ve started the shop with a small collection of sandals and after one year we’ve launched the boots collection – the boots are handcrafted in Romania, all made of genuine leather. We continued with the espadrilles, also handcrafted in Greece, like the sandals and in 2021 we’ve also launched a small collection of funky casual style tshirts and blouses. At the moment, the clothing line is available only for the Romanian market, but soon we will be able to sell it also internationally.

Still, the sandals remain our main products, which generate most part of our sales. Thus, the 2022 collection of sandals will be launched in March. Each year, we create about 15 – 20 new models and we let go of some of the models of the previous year, in order to maintain our exclusive collections attractive for our clients.

Our clients are women with the age of 21 – 45, interested in high quality products, yet at affordable prices.

We are from Romania – – but starting 2021, we also ship internationally, through the following shops:,,,,,

We are active on Social Media, on the following channels:
Facebook @, where we have a comunity of more than 70.000 funky ladies following our activity
Instagram @

Social Media Tags: #funkyfain #sandalefaine

We can always contact us for more details. We speak Romanian, English, Italian, French.

phone: 004 0721 232200 (also WhatsApp)

Our story

One summer, I simply fell in love with them. I left the shop wearing them. When I reached the hotel, I put my sneakers in the luggage and I wore them everywhere in the city. There’re so simple, with a thin strap for the large thumb, one that stretches to the ankle and the third one easily embraces my ankle. The next summer, I found them beautifully arranged in the red box in the hall, just above all the rest. I wear them with my torn jeans and a white shirt, with my turquoise striped long dress. There’re so funky… says Ioana, co-owner.

Next winter, I started thinking about how to buy a new pair, a different color, a different model. And so, I ended up creating new models and combining beautiful colors, handcrafted, on a beautiful Greek island, says Ioana.

Thus, next summer, the FUNKYFAIN online shop is launched by Bogdan, which deals with IT and finance, and Ioana, responsible for design and marketing.

Starting second year, FUNKYFAIN managed to expand its range of products with autumn shoes and winter boots, also genuine leather handmade, but this time in a workshop in Bucharest, Romania.

However, summer remains our favorite season, says Bogdan, co-owner.

In June 2021, FUNKYFAIN begins to ship worldwide, from its main warehouse, also from local warehouses from Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Germany.

FUNKYFAIN – funky genuine leather sandals, handcrafted on a beautiful Greek island ❤

About our sandals

FUNKYFAIN leather sandals are made on a beautiful Greek island in a workshop created in 1986 by an engineer who originally worked in a shoe factory. Later, he set up a small firm, where he now works with his two sons. It’s what we wanted, the story of a beautiful family and a tradition that blends in with high quality and professionalism. It may seem odd in a world of sales volumes… But for us it is very important that each of our customers be satisfied with the experience of the product and the acquisition.

The leather used for the sandals originates from Africa, where it is purchased in a rather rough form, and then prepared for the production directly in the workshop in Greece. It is very important to note that the leather is not chemically treated. It is the only workshop in Greece that uses naturally treated leather, no chemicals used.

The sandals are all handcrafted. One pair is made in about an hour, depending on the complexity of the design.

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