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Holokolo.ro is the most popular e-shop for bike clothing. 

  • 15,000 products on stock
  • 25 world-class manufacturers
  • delivery within 72 hours

Holokolo is here! Because biking is magic.

Everybody of us needs sometimes at least a little while for himself/herself. And for his/her bicycle. A time when we can be ourselves and only be alone with ourselves. A time when we lean full weight on the pedals, make a getaway, and leave our daily stress far behind us. A time when we do not need to prove anything to anybody even though just then we wish to prove what never before.

A time when we discharge and recharge ourselves at the same time. When pain turns into happiness. When the best friends become the biggest rivals and day-to-day rivals become teammates. And then a time when we slow down and just enjoy the countryside in protest against that whole fast-moving world.

This time is called biking. And it´s magic!

Holokolo is a dream! Really magic and fun.

We at Holokolo have a dream. We want for everyone in the world to ride a bicycle at least once in their lifetime. To have an opportunity to discover its charm and enjoy it as much as possible. Swishly dressed, well dressed, pleasantly dressed. Because, believe it or not, even this makes wonders! 

And to make our dream a reality, every day we search for and bring in the very best bike gadgets. From the world-class bike brands with an eventful history, from young and enthusiastic brands with a future, or even with own collection for all Holokolo friends.

To turn a great biking experience into an even better one.

Holokolo is for everyone! And for even greater pleasure of biking.

For professionals and amateurs alike, for postwomen, couriers, and pizza purveyors. For lone heroes and also for those who cannot imagine a kilometre without their best friends, family or club fellow fighters. For travellers, but also for those who discover what is hidden inside them. For those who always go to their limits and also for those who ride a bike just for joy.

Simply, Holokolo is here for all people on the bike. And for anyone who does not want to complicate their life with choosing biking clothing and gear and instead enjoy their time with an infinitely magic ride.                  

Because there´s nothing more magic that looking at the world from the bike seat.

  • The conversion ratio is about 1.47 on average, but it slightly varies by seasonality.
  • We also have Facebook feed at our disposal.

TOP 10 bestselling brands:

  5. HAVEN
  6. ELITE
  9. TACX
  10. SIX2

TOP 10 bestselling products:

  1. INEOS 2019 jersey – replica
  2. INEOS 2019 trousers – replica
  3. INEOS 2019 set – replica
  4. BORA 2019 jersey – replica
  5. BORA 2019 trousers – replica
  6. BOR 2019 set – replica
  7. TREK 2019 trousers – replica
  8. MOVISTAR 2019 trousers – replica
  9. SCOTT 2019 trousers – replica
  10. SCOTT 2019 set – replica

TOP 10 bestselling products (excl. sets):

  1. INEOS 2019 jersey – replica
  2. INEOS 2019 trousers – replica
  3. BORA 2019 jersey – replica
  4. BORA 2019 trousers – replica
  5. TREK 2019 trousers – replica
  6. MOVISTAR 2019 trousers – replica
  7. SCOTT 2019 trousers – replica
  8. MOVISTAR 2019 jersey – replica
  9. SCOTT 2019 jersey – replica
  10. TREK 2019 jersey – replica

TOP 10 bestselling categories:

  1. short-sleeved jersey
  2. shorts
  3. short set
  4. socks
  5. short finger gloves
  6. trousers
  7. winter jersey
  8. water bottle
  9. shorts without suspenders
  10. cap

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