Commissions: 7.5%, 4% for cashback portals and 3% for coupon websites has operated in the market as a renowned footwear and leather haberdashery manufacturer since as early as 1992. Means of wholesale are the following brands: Polo Goden, Holmann comfort, La Maria, La Vita, Distanc, Rhapsody, Challenge Accepted, John Garfield, Hackers, Starheight, Gextop, Mustang, Adidas, Reebok, Rieker, Remonte, Tom Tailor, Tamaris, O’neil.

John Garfield offers brand high-quality footwear featuring a distinctive top design, comfort and in fashionable colours at very affordable prices. The footwear collection is suitably completed by a wide range of both leather and non-leather haberdashery, travel bags, suitcases, belts and purses displaying precise workmanship, a wide range of materials used and fashionable design.                                        The results of John Garfield´s activities are recognised every year in both domestic and international events by highly prestigious awards from leather and footwear industry associations, which is not only a guarantee of product quality but also a precondition for maintaining such high standards in the future for satisfaction of even the most demanding customer.

JOHN GARFIELD, it is primarily  stores for outdoor, social, sports women´s, men´s and children´s footwear, leather haberdashery such as handbags, bags, sports bags, belts, additional product range, women´s stockings, nylons, socks, umbrellas, and beautiful surgical steel and silver jewelry.

From European design studios we bring novelty footwear trends of our brands. These will definitely appeal to all the generations with their guaranteed fashionability, comfort and quality.

Competitive advantages:

  • We´re a Slovak footwear and haberdashery manufacturer
  • Originality – our brands are only sold in our stores and given lower production capacities these are unique products in limited quantities
  • Uniquenesss of patterns and materials – every pattern is designed specially for our brands using unique materials selected to deliver an ideal quality-price tradeoff
  • A wide range of brands in various price categories
  • The e-shop offers an opportunity of finding models outlet prices  (from as low as €3)
  • Free shipment when shopping over €50, possible goods replacement and return within 14 days
  • Postage and package from as low as €3 (+ optional pickup of goods in the store at SNV for 50 cents)
  • Regular repeated actions at the e-shop:
    • o shop over €50 and get a €20 discount
    • o shop over €70 and get   a €30 discount
    • o shop over €100 and get a €50 discount
    •  o area-wide percentage discounts up to 50% (seasonal bargain sales)

TOP 10 brands:

  1. La Maria
  2. Polo Goden
  3. Holmann comfort
  4. Distanc
  5. Challenge Accepted
  6. La Vita
  7. Rhapsody
  8. John Garfield
  9. Hackers
  10. Starheight

TOP 10 categories:

  1. Women > Social and pumps
  2. Women > Low shoes
  3. Women > Sandals
  4. Women > Sneakers and sports
  5. Women > Boosts
  6. Women > Ankle-high
  7. Haberdashery > Women´s > Handbags
  8. Men > Sneakers and sports
  9. Men > Low shoes
  10. Children > Sneakers and sports

TOP 10 products:

  1. Polo Goden sneakers LZ071054092 blue – /polo-goden-tenisky-lz071054092-modra/
  2. Polo Goden sneakers LZ071052099 blue – /polo-goden-tenisky-lz071052099-modra/
  3. Polo Goden sneakers LZ071052088 Red – /polo-goden-tenisky-lz071052088-cervena/
  4. Rhapsody ankle-high CI973090014 Yellow – /rhapsody-clenkova-ci973090014-zlta/
  5. HOLMANN comfort low shoe IS051168060 Black – /holmann-komfort-poltopanka-is051168060-cierna/
  6. HOLMANN comfort low shoe TI058047062 blue – /holmann-komfort-poltopanka-ti058047062-modra/
  7. Rhapsody sneakers CI071154099 blue – /rhapsody-tenisky-ci071154099-modra/
  8. Distanc sneakers DK052101099 blue – /distanc-tenisky-dk052101099-modra/
  9. Rhapsody sneakers CI071154099 blue – /rhapsody-tenisky-ci071154099-modra/
  10. Distanc moccasins DK052102099 blue – /distanc-mokasiny-dk052102099-modra/

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