Kondela.sk (formerly TempoNábytok.sk)

Commission: 6%  (Till 31.1.2021 6% for content publishers, 3% for cashback and 1% for coupon publishers)

In addition to its e-shop, the advertiser has twenty-one Kondela stores where you have furthermore the opportunity to view our product range live. By having own brick-and-mortar stores and partner stores all over the Slovak and Czech Republics, the majority of goods in our e-shop is on stock with us rather than with our suppliers – as you often encounter in other e-shops. We thereby clearly differ from the majority of other e-shops of “garage“ type which only mediate purchases. By shopping via our e-shop you shop with a well-established and stable firm. This is the very best guarantee we offer you whilst shopping online.

Promotional elements

  • Banners
  • XML feed
  • Coupons
  • PR articles
  • Extra cooperation
  • Email templates
  • Influencer
  • iFrame
  • Dognet Media


Permissions for publishers

  • Cash-back
  • Content
  • Coupon sites
  • Emailing
  • Direct PPC
  • Google CSS
  • External coupons
It is not possible to use branded keywords in PPC campaigns. Email campaigns have to be submitted for approval before sending. It is not possible to use branded keywords in the domain names. The commissions are being calculated based on the price excluding VAT and shipping costs. Commissions for B2B orders may be declined.


Nápady pre využitie kampane:

  • Ideálna kampaň pre segment domácností, blogy a recenzie produktov. Stačí odporučiť produkt, odkázať na konkrétnu podstránku a konverzie budú veľmi vysoké.
  • Inzerent má široké portfólio ako tovaru, tak značiek (vhodné na SEO a long-tail)
  • XML pre katalógy produktov vieme dodať po dohode.
  • Eshop má stále akcie a výpredaje, ktoré sa dajú komunikovať na návštevníkov

Top 10 categories:

  1. Sedacie súpravy
  2. Postele
  3. Nábytok do obývačky
  4. Skrine
  5. Pohovky
  6. Kuchyne na vyskladanie
  7. Botníky
  8. Kreslá
  9. PC stoly
  10. Komody a vitríny

Top 10 products:

  1. https://www.kondela.sk/obyvacka-sedacky-a-sedacie-supravy-sedacky-v-tvare-u/
  2. https://www.kondela.sk/obyvacka-sedacky-a-sedacie-supravy-rohove-sedacky/rohova-sedacia-suprava-biela-ekokoza-siva-latka-oxford/
  3. https://www.kondela.sk/obyvacka-sedacky-a-sedacie-supravy-rohove-sedacky/
  4. https://www.kondela.sk/katalog/?vyhladavanie=Carisa
  5. https://www.kondela.sk/kupelna-kupelnove-zostavy-natali-biely/skrinka-nad-pracku-biela-natali/
  6. https://www.kondela.sk/obyvacka-sedacky-a-sedacie-supravy-sedacky-v-tvare-u/sedacia-suprava-biela-siva-estevan/
  7. https://www.kondela.sk/obyvacka-sedacky-a-sedacie-supravy-rohove-sedacky/
  8. https://www.kondela.sk/katalog/?vyhladavanie=stilo&page=2
  9. https://www.kondela.sk/obyvacka-sedacky-a-sedacie-supravy-rohove-sedacky/rohova-sedacia-suprava-tmavosiva-svetlosiva-chris/
  10. https://www.kondela.sk/spalna-postele-vsetky-postele/manzelska-postel-sivohneda-160×200-orea/
When promoting the campaign, it is required to use all parameters included in the referrals displayed in our dashboard. Removing the parameters might cause a tracking malfunction or declining the commissions.

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