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The assortment of our e-shop is carefully selected certified brands of creative toys. These are primarily toys that help children develop imagination, motor skills, creative thinking, and fantasy. Before we market a toy, we ourselves try it out together with children.

E-shop advantages:

  • We despatch shipments on the very same day, up to the (business) day after placing an order.
  • Shipment with us is free from CZK1,200.
  • We give toys to orders over CZK1,000.


  • September – January we register higher sales.


We´re an exclusive distributor for the Czech Republic and Slovakia for the brands Melissa&Doug, Totum, HAMA, PlusPlus, PlayMais, ThinkDoh and Red Castle, thus you have a guarantee of purchase of original and safe goods.


About the brand:

  • Made in Denmark

Why this brand:

  • a child will make itself a toy it wants to play with
  • It has 3 variants – maxi, midi, mini (maxi for the youngest children, mini is used by adults for their creation)
  • steps how it works → pad, putting together according to a model or one´s own imagination, ironing, pad for repeated use
  • motor skills, creativity, relationship to things
  • fit for production of gifts and wishes
  • “It´s just up to you how you´ll combine colours and what shape you´ll create. Don´t be afraid to create! “
  • “Beads help develop motor skills, creativity and fantasy of both the small and big.”


About the brand:

  • We make creative sets when a child is at first creative and then it plays with a made / smartened-up toy

Why this brand:

  • Totum creative sets are intended for all of those children who like to create. Gals can create for themselves bracelets, necklaces, bags or other fashionable accessories and lads can create, build, and paste.
  • develops skills, fantasy and imagination


About the brand:

  • Made in Germany

Why this brand:

  • You simply connect the pieces using water and according to one´s own fantasy = in pasting one-off use
  • The building kit is made of controlled agriculture maize and is coloured with safe food colours- is wholesome. The creation with PlayMais pieces develops motor skills and creative imagination.
  • The pieces are edible -this is a full-value food but when a child eats it by mistake, nothing happens to it
  • The colours are natural and edible (food)
  • The packings differ merely in the number of pieces – the balls are of the same size
  • The balls are coloured through
  • Slightly maize taste


About the brand:

  • Made in Denmark (country Lega)
  • Fit for children from as early as one year
  • Has received many awards

Why this brand:

  • You´ll create flat 2D mosaics or a 3D model.
  • Sufficiently simple for pre-schoolers, but big children also like to build.
  • It develops a child´s creative and combination skills and spatial imagination. The quality of cube workmanship guarantees strength, colour fastness dimension accuracy – easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Comprehensible building kit from which virtually anything can be built
  • An extremely durable and strong material – will withstand for whole generations, colourfast
  • Washable in the dishwasher


About the brand:

  • Made in the USA
  • The brand was founded by two teachers who wanted on the market meaningful toys
  • It ranks among the 15 biggest toymakers in the world and offers over 2,000 products for kids aged 2 up to 12

Why this brand:

  • Interactive toys or traditionally conceived products (for creating, for playing)
  • High-quality materials (in particular wood) – durable – a child won´t break it
  • It develops children´s motor skills and fantasy, but overall acts positively on a child´s development from a very early age
  • Some of the toys are suitable for learning cuts

Red Castle

Why this brand:

  • SANDBLASTING PICTURES is a hit around the world.
  • In addition, this activity develops a child´s fantasy and skills.
  • Creating pictures consists in removal of individual cut-out fields and pouring those field with differently coloured decorative sand. A beautiful colour wall-hanging picture, kids´ room decorations, or a gift for a loved one are gradually created this way
  • Used for creative activities in schools / at celebrations = a picture in memory is created
  • Suitable for making gifts and wishes.


About the brand:

  • They developed the world´s first non-hardening SILICONE plasticine

Why this brand:

  • The material is anti-bacterial and prevents transmission of bacteria.
  • The modelling clay (plasticine, if you like) is made according to worldwide rules and regulations. Completely harmless to the human body.
  • Colour fastness – a large selection of colours (now 26 hues) including transparent and glowing in the dark
  • Modelling clays jump like a hop or a crayon is conjured out of them
  • It is easy to shape, makes no lumps
  • It withstands in the air without stone hardening so that you can play with it for long hours.
  • While modelling, children train their patience, concentration and practice their skills and fantasy alike.
  • The modelling clay can be fixed in an oven – just 10 minutes at 200°C and you can use products as a tree decoration or a fashionable accessory in the form of a pendant.
  • Self-hardening MIX UP or drawing CLAY CRAYON will definitely you.

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