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The e-shop for brand equipment not only for cooking and dining. It offers cookware, knives, cutlery, tea, coffee, wine utensils, design accessories for the home and the garden. KULINA sells exclusive brands WMF, Silit, Revol, Kaiser, Eva Solo, Blomus, Staub, Mauviel, Peugeot, KitchenAid, Zwilling, Wusthof, Fissler …

Treat yourself to top quality and a charming design from the comfort of your home! Kulina.sk is a place where you´ll find cookware and kitchen utensils from renowned producers. Favourite with chefs. For luxurious cooking. Goods return within 30 days. An iconic design. Brands with a tradition.

The strength of the e-shop Kulina.cz also manifests itself with kitchen equipment being distributed from own warehouse and from own resources, which allows for easy selection and fast handling. Kulina has a store at Pražská tržnice marketplace, Hall 36, Prague 7.

TOP categories:

  • Cooking/Cookware/Pans
  • Cooking/Cookware/Pots
  • Dining/Glass and Bar/Glasses
  • Cooking/Knives/Knife Sets
  • Cooking/Knives/Individual Knives
  • Dining/Cutleries/Cutlery Sets
  • Cooking/Helpers/Kitchen Utensils
  • Cooking/Cookware/Cookware Sets
  • Cooking/Grilling
  • Cooking/Cookware/Baking Forms

Brands – from the best-selling:

  • WMF
  • Blomus
  • Eva Solo
  • KitchenAid
  • Zwilling
  • De Buyer
  • Wusthof
  • Fissler
  • Staub
  • Woll

The best-selling products:

  • https://www.kulina.cz/sada-hrncu-4-ks-diadem-plus
  • https://www.kulina.cz/sada-hrncu-s-rendlikem-4-ks-fusiontec-hneda
  • https://www.kulina.cz/sada-nozu-s-blokem-a-ocilkou-6dilna-spitzenklasse-plus
  • https://www.kulina.cz/darkova-sada-steakovych-nozu
  • https://www.kulina.cz/kucharsky-nuz-16-cm-ikon
  • https://www.kulina.cz/hrnec-ovalny-s-poklici-v-6-l-cervena-burgundy
  • https://www.kulina.cz/kastrol-20-cm-gourmet-plus-matny-nerez
  • https://www.kulina.cz/tlakovy-hrnec-4-5-l-perfect-bez-vlozky
  • https://www.kulina.cz/panev-o-28-cm-profiresist
  • https://www.kulina.cz/rendlik-na-omacku-nerez-1-1-l
  • https://www.kulina.cz/neprilnava-panev-wok-o-28-cm-s-povrchem-thermosensitive-sensored-r
  • https://www.kulina.cz/livanecnik-mineral-b-element-o-27-cm

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