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FreePort has seen 11 years of steady growth. We established one of Slovakia´s first furnature e-shops and today we rank among the biggests e-shops for this product range. Our 20-plus-member team handle 2,000 orders or so per month on average up to €250. The company owns a 3,000 sqm warehouse equipped with racks holding more than 7,000 items of furniture for immediate delivery. Our product range comes from half of the world and we are its direct importers. We conduct for our customers regular sales actions including some 1.6 million of printed leaflets into postboxes, we invest on a regular basis in radio, internet, etc., advertising and promotion. We offer shipment for €0 – 6.9 across Slovakia.

Our competitive advantage:

  • We buy directly from the producers without go-betweens, thanks to which we are capable of offering attractive goods prices.
  • We import goods from a multitude of countries of the world, our furniture is thus manufactured not only in Germany, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, but also from such far-flung countries as Russia, Malaysia, or China.
  • Thanks to this, we offer an  interesting product range which also includes unique items that nobody else in the market has.
  • In our offer, you will find all interior furniture from cheap-priced German-made bedrooms, through high-quality Czech-made mattraces, massive beds made from trees which grew up on the Pacific Ocean shores, countertops, living room wall units, versicolour children´s rooms, comfortable seats and sofas, modern wardrobes, low-cost chests of drawers, firm stools, and modern tables.
  • Our advantage is own warehouse for more than 3,500 pallet locations where more than 7,500 furniture items are on stock for immediate delivery.
  • We have own shipment by parts of Slovakia (west, north), thanks to which we can also offer upstairs delivery and the night-time delivery option.
  • The option of installment and card payment is a matter of course.
  • The customer will definitely be captured by the fact that we have already been on the market for almost 11 years. We were among the first of those who started selling furniture via the internet and unlike others we have endured to date, seen 11 years of steady growth, and thus we can assure the customer that we are a fair company which they will be able to approach also in the future.

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