We are a proud Czech producer of products bearing the brand CZECH MADE.

We have already been engaged with nanotechnologies for the fifteenth year and have behind us a wide range of own, commercial or grant projects and implementations. From functional textile clothing, surface treatment products through to liquid and solid fuel additives.

Nanosilver functional clothing

The brand Nanosilver develops clothing thanks to which you´ll feel comfortably in any situation in life. At a business meeting as well as whilst climbing Mont Blanc.

We constantly work right with the idea of comfortable clothing and develop such garments as are exceptional in particular by their functionality.

And what can you imagine under the functionality of Nanosilver clothing?

  • Thanks to the silver contained directly in the fabric fibres clothing becomes antibacterial, which means that the silver prevents the multiplication of bacteria that come into being e.g. while sweating. Thanks to this effect, you´ll impart a pleasant scent not only to yourself but also to your environs.
  • The clothing fibre-contained silver favourably acts also on eczemas, acnes, moulds and mycoses.
  • It is these antibacterial properties that allow for substantially longer clothes wearing and less washing. Whereby Nanosilver clothing becomes an ideal outfit for travelling and sport!
  • Thanks to silver nanofibers, Nanosilver clothing is very light, space-saving and even does not need to be ironed for the most part. You can easily coil the selected Dakar and Himalay collection items and throw them, for example, into a backpack and when you take them out, they´ll be like ironed.
  • A bulk of the offered clothing also contains Coolmax fibres which remove moisture from the body and cause the temperature self-regulation, whereby the so-called cooling effect arises.
  • The Himalay collection contains Nanosilver thermo clothing, which is also fit for cold to extremely freezing weather. The effectiveness of thermal insulation properties rises as the load increases and the feeling of dryness and warmth even lasts during the most demanding activities in cold and severe frosts below – 20°C.

In addition to functional clothing, we also produce nanoproducts! The most popular customer products include:

Envirox – additive

  • this is a product proven scientifically and through practical tests which is added to diesel fuel as an additive. It reduces by way of lower consumption not only fuel costs, but it also reduces accordingly emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2) and other harmful exhaust gas emissions. Another benefit is a cleaner combustion chamber and injection nozzles.

Set car with nano products

  • This is a set of 4 nano formulations intended for treatment of a larger passenger car of combi or small VAN type. In the set you will find: SUPRAPERL – Nanotechnology water-repellent (hydrophobic) formulation used to protect glasses from dirt and water. NANO SHAMPOO – enhances the paint, washes highly efficiently and easily organic dirt and acts long-termly. POLITURA – Is highly powerful and long-termly efficient curing nano-cosmetics intended for car paint reinforcement and protection. It ensures high gloss and protection from light scratches or tiny stones.

We would like to refer you also to the section “Your stories“, we publish in this section the contributions from our fans and ambassadors of the brand.

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