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NanoSPACE is the Czech Republic´s biggest seller of nanotechnologic products for households. The e-shop sells products of the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association´s members. These are in particular anti-allergy bedding, antivirus scarves, nanofibre face masks and filters, nanofibre  respirators, self-coating coatings, and nano air purifiers. All the products are duly certified and made in the Czech Republic.

As anti-allergy bedding and antivirus scarves are of own production, they also offer the highest commission.

Competitive advantages:

  • The e-shop is a fonding member of the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association and  nanoSPACE managing director Jiří Kůs is its chairman
  • The most extensive product range of Czech-made nanotechnology products in the Czech Republic
  • A broad media coverage and trust in the brand, see the site They´ve written about us
  • Golden Heureka “Verified by Customers“’ certificate 99%
  • An excellent customer support with a long-term 95% satisfaction rating
  • An average order value: CZK1,950 excl. VAT
  • First shopping discount after signing up for newsletter
  • Loyalty discounts graded by the turnover

TOP 10 products:

  1. Disinfection of respirators and masks spray 100ml
  2. NanoSPACE antivirus scarf
  3. Face mask nano filters – Spurtex – 10 x 15
  4. BreaSAFE nano respirator
  5. Nano face masks SpurTex® VS filter efficiency FFP2
  6. SAFETY NANO PROTECT face masks
  7. OMG travel disinfection from F*CK COVID series
  8. Spurtex nano respirator – filtration 98.5%
  9. NanoSPACE anti-mite pillow coating
  10. A set of anti-mite blanket and pillow coatings

The most interesting products:

  • Bedding for people with allergies – We have developed for people with allergies as the first in the world anti-mite bedding with a nanofibre membrane. We offer bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets and duvet covers with Czech-made nanofibre.
  • Protection against viruses and bacteria – We make and sell antivirus scarves with nanofibre membrane which protect from influenza viruses, bacterial infection, smog and molds. Multifunction tubular neckerchiefs with nanofibre membrane can be worn during a virus pandemic but also against smog or pollen. We have the most extensive offer of nanofibre face masks, nanofibre respirators and nanofibre filters from Czech manufacturers. All the products are duly certified and contain nanofibres (alternatively silver) from the Czech Republic.
  • Air purification – We offer unique photocatalytic coatings developed by Ing. Ján Procházka which have an efficiency of 50 times higher than that of competitive products. By painting a wall with this coating you will create an invisible nano layer that will clean the air from allergens, bacteria, viruses, but also odour. We also sell manintenance-free nano air purifiers that feature a patented photocatalytic filter which efficiently removes molds, allergens, bacteria, but also formaldehyde residues.

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