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Novaline is focused on functional countryside indoor accessories, cookware, and interior and garden furniture. We´re focused on Czech cottages, gardening, and the countryside.

A complete product range guarantees a year-round sales season. During the spring season, we daily despatch   man-made tulips, cast iron garden accessories, implements, sun clocks, turf decorations, bird feeds and cast iron bells. With the summertime here comes the cottage season featuring the biggest interest in outdoor waterproof watches, flower consoles, flower stands, double-sided pergola clocks, mushroom knives, garden hose reels, and general cast iron accessories for the garden and the cottage. From the beginning of summer holidays, we apply ourselves to grilling and outdoor fireplaces. As soon as early September there is a growing interest in Christmas decorations (bargain sales collection of the preceding year), cherubs, statuettes and generally giftware, and the whole product range all the way to Christmas. 

  • We carefully select, use ourselves all the products and these are fully functional. Thus they perform not only the function of a stylish decoration but are prepared to serve on a daily basis and help in the garden and the kitchen alike.
  • For your interior you´ll find a complete product range of home decorative finishes, including stylish cookware and dining sets.
  • Retro garden washbasins.
  • A complete product range for garden grilling.
  • You´ll find with us interior and garden decorations and furniture.
  • We regularly appear in thematic magazines.
  • We keep constantly 3,800 types of products on stock immediately for despatch.
  • We despatch orders received by noon as early as today.
  • We deal with warranty claims without questions.
  • Conversion ratio 0,93%
  • Average order amount 41.96€

TOP 10 categories:

  1. Cast iron accessories
  2. Bells and little bells
  3. Wall-mounted clocks
  4. Garden hearth and fireplaces
  5. Metal retro models
  6. Man-made tulips
  7. Garden decorations
  8. Garden decorations
  9. Wall decorations
  10. Mats and scrapers

NOTICE (Christmas / summer holiday)

Because of a guarantee to deliver Christmas presents, the button BUY is disabled from 18 December 2019 noon to 25 December 2019 11:59 PM. No goods can be put in the basket over this period.

Because of the portal HEUREKA rating on the 10th day upon despatch of an order, over a 14-day summer holiday the button BUY and put goods in the basket on the first days of the holiday is disabled. Specifically, next year between 4 July 2020 and 10 July 2020.

For this minor restriction, however, we offer our partners bonuses over the following calendar month.


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