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OLIVIE is an online jewelry which is focused on sales of original silver jewels for women, children, and men. At OLIVIE, we are mindful of high-quality products and services, the customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Heuréka: Golden certificate Verified by customers.

Our strongest periods clearly include Christmas, Valentine´s Day, International Women´s Day, and Children´s Day. Though our jewels are sought after year-round, as you´ll find with us both engagement and wedding rings, magical kids´ earrings, and a lot of other jewels that are a great gift for a birthday, an anniversary, or other major events.

Why people shop with us and are happy to come back to us:

  • All products in stock – over 3,000 original jewels prepared for despatch.
  • Flash delivery – we despatch all orders accepted by the noon on the very same day. Our shippers deliver already on the business day subsequent to despatch.
  • A gift box free of charge – the customer will receive every jewel in a beautiful gift box which is fully free of charge for them.
  • Free shipment while shopping over €40.
  • A metal authenticity guarantee – we are registered with the Assay Office of the Czech Republic and our jewels are tested and checked on a regular basis.
  • Frequent attractive discount actions.
  • Flash handling of complaints and replacements. We handle all within one business day from accepting a request.
  • We answer customers´ questions nearly immediately. You can contact us on our social networks, by e-mail or phone.
  • 90 days for jewel replacement or return.


Top 10 products:

  1. Silver earrings MAČKA / CAT https://www.olivie.sk/2802-strieborne-nausnice-kocka/
  2. Silver heart ring https://www.olivie.sk/2175-stribrny-prstienok-se-srdickem/
  3. Silver heart pendant ANJEL / ANGEL https://www.olivie.sk/2286-stribrny-privesek-andel-se-srdickem/
  4. Silver earrings JEDNOROŽEC V SRDCI / UNICORN IN HEART https://www.olivie.sk/2934-strieborne-nausnice-jednorozec-v-srdci-2/
  5. Silver heart ring https://www.olivie.sk/2972-stribrny-prsten-se-srdickem/
  6. Silver earrings LABKY / PAWS https://www.olivie.sk/2405-strieborne-nausnice-psi-tlapka/
  7. Silver ring for the enamoured 2in1 https://www.olivie.sk/2176-stribrny-prsten-pro-zamilovane-2in1/
  8. Silver earrings ANJEL A DIABOL / ANGEL AND DEVIL https://www.olivie.sk/2938-strieborne-nausnice-andel-a-dabel/
  9. OLIVIE silver cubic zirconia ring https://www.olivie.sk/1272-stribrny-prsten-olivie-s-kubickym-zirkonem/
  10. Silver necklace ANJEL so zlatým srdcom / ANGEL with golden heart https://www.olivie.sk/2924-stribrny-retiazka-andel-se-zlatym-srdcem/


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