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Potten & Pannen – Staněk is an exclusive importer of premium brands of kitchen equipment, small home electric appliances, household accessories, and also everything for beautiful dining. You´ll find the product range on sale at nine brick-and-mortar stores in the Czech and Slovak Republics, at the e-shop PottenPannen.sk, or you can try it out under guidance of the best cooks in the premium Gourmet Academy.

At the company´s e-shop, you´ll find the most extensive product range of stylish kitchen and household equipment. The products are available to customers by return because we keep them in stock and at the same time we offer the customers 30 days to return goods.

Potten & Pannen – Staněk is a family business with 2 owners and more than 120 employees that has operated in the market for over 27 years. It is the holder of several local awards Superbrands and also GIA Global.

Thanks to our long-standing experience we set the trends in kitchen equipment in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since the very start have we cooperated with TOP chefs and thus we have a perfect idea of their needs in the kitchen and also of the end customers who have increasingly higher demands on the quality of their own kitchen and household.

About products:

The company´s product range consists of products from more than 40 kitchen equipment, home accessories and small home electric appliances leading world-class brands. The products from our commercial portfolio display high quality of workmanship and many of our brands have already been tested in the global markets for several generations. Potten & Pannen – Staněk´s products do share their long service life, high utility value, practicality, and they reflect the latest trends in the world of culinary arts and design. Our products are perceived as irreplaceable in every kitchen and household of good food, cooking and beautiful design lovers. We offer practical helpers to amateurish culinary fans through to gastro professionals.

The target group includes gastro professionals and in particular those end customers who get pleasure out of cooking for themselves, eat high-quality foods in appropriately sized portions and like to surround themselves with design items. The ideal customers are the lovers of truly high-quality kitchen equipment and functional design from premium brands.

The biggest advantage of our e-shop is the most extensive product range of premium kitchen and home equipment from top world-class brands. We offer our customers a 30-day goods return guarantee, free shipping whilst shopping over CZK2,499, and fast delivery of goods, as we keep them in stock.

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