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Prodoshop has been engaged with the water technology segment for 20 years. The main goal is to offer a narrower assortment of well-tested and proven products that the customer can easily connect and maintain. We remove from the offer any pumps showing significant wear and we work with customers to find an adequate replacement. Given that the offer has been fine-tuned for a large part of the assortment over the years, we offer extended guarantees:

In response to customers´ practical experience with pumping water from dug wells and boreholes, we´ve launched a number of new combinations of domestic waterworks (domestic waterworks with a frequency converter and domestic waterworks with a submersible pump) so as to cover as well as possible customers´  demand for the required pressure, flowrate, and reliability of the system. Customers also praise the complete SETS of water filters, in which they have all the necessary components, including filter inserts and fittings, so that they do not have to laboriously search for individual filtration components and check the connection dimensions and the compatibility of filters and filter inserts.

Prodoshop directly manufactures plastic well shafts, water meter shafts, pumping sewage shafts, and water tanks. Our own production has enabled us to offer shafts in the dimensions which customers and water supply companies in various parts of Slovakia are used to. In case of interest, we can make custom shafts for customers. We manufacture these products in Poprad from durable polypropylene boards 6 and 8 mm thick.

Competitive advantages

  • VIP card. The customer gets it as a reward for purchases worth over €500.
    After completing this first order, the customer gets a 5% discount on all follow-up purchases at Prodoshop.SK
  • Extended 3- and 4-year warranties. For pumps and domestic waterworks.
  • A suspended device as a gift for domestic waterworks.
  • Free shipping for selected products.

    Target group

    • Family house and cottage owners
      • Installation of water meters – water meter shafts accepted by water supply companies all over Slovakia
      • Wastewater solution – pumping sewer shafts, pumping stations
      • Drinking and utility water supply – pumps and related water technology for dug and drilled wells. Disinfection and cleaning of pumped water.
      • Wastewater solution
    • Those customers who have a problem with groundwater or live in areas of frequent flooding – sludge pumps and sets for removing sludge and polluted water
    • Pool owners – pool maintenance
    • Gardeners – for retention of rainwater in water tanks and subsequent watering
    • Farmers – professional pumps for irrigation with a larger irrigation volume

    Top products (sales revenue from 1 Feb 2022 to 31 Jan 2023)

    • Submersible spindle pump IBO 3.5″ SCR – 0.50
    • Submersible pump 3Ti-20 – RTS
    • Water meter shaft circular PP small
    • Domestic waterworks with submersible pump 3Ti-27 with a frequency converter – RTS
    • Sludge set – submersible sludge pump FURIATKA 1500 with 30-metre hose
    • Domestic waterworks JSW 150 / 100-litre
    • Domestic waterworks with submersible pump 3 SQIBO – 0.55 / 50-litre
    • Domestic waterworks with submersible pump 3Ti-20 with a frequency converter – RTS
    • MIDI 1300 pumping sewer shaft
    • Senior 10″ TRIO filter set. 1″ connection set. Filtration of impurities, iron and manganese reduction (FE SX)
    • AQUA OLA pressure vessel 100-litre, standing

    Top categories (sales revenue from 1 Feb 2022 to 31 Jan 2023)

    • Submersible pumps
    • Slurry pumps
    • VESSER frequency converters
    • Domestic waterworks
    • AQUA OLA pressure vessels
    • Pumping shafts
    • Water meter shafts
    • SETS of water filters

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