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We are specialised in sales and sandblasting of utility glass from Czech and foreign glassworks.

We are specialised in deliveries and sandblasting of utility glass. Moreover, we enjoy Czech glass, but are pleased to include in our offer also successful pieces from foreign brands. You will for sure savor your favourite drink from our glasses. Not only you but first of all your guests will enjoy dining and serving beverages or meals. With a beautiful glass vase or bowl, the interior of your apartment, house or restaurant will get a new touch with which you will feel comfortable. At your wish, we will sandblast on glass for you a name, motif, dedication, or a firm logo.

Target group: end customers, companies in particular amongst gastronomic facilities.

Shopping advantages:

  • shipment from CZK69,
  • high-quality consignment packing,
  • insurance against damage and quick handling of claims,
  • possible goods return within 30 days at e-shop expense,
  • we sell Czech brands

TOP 10 products:

  1. Crystal Bohemia Dóza na med VČELÍ ÚL 115 mm
  2. Luminarc Jedálenská súprava Diwali Black, 19 ks
  3. Poháre na víno SWAROVSKI MR AND MRS 360 ml, 2 ks
  4. Crystalex BUCANEER poháre na rum 190 ml, 2 ks
  5. Crystalex Farebné poháre Club Rainbow 300 ml, 6 ks
  6. Lamart Vaso termo hrnčeky na čaj 420 ml, 2 ks
  7. Simax Sklenená kanvica Marta so skleneným filtrom 1,5 l
  8. Bohemia Jihlava GLACIER whisky set (1 + 6)
  9. Bohemia Jihlava Farebná váza LISBOA 350 mm
  10. Simax Sklenený hrniec NYKO 2 l

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