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In addition to usual search methods by holiday destination or date, we also offer enhanced search by trip type. Choose as to whether you´re looking for a trip with kids, a wellness stay, or a trip full of sports experiences. We guarantee quick handling and the most up-to-date database of tours from renowned and insured travel agencies.

Our customers are (not sorted by priorities):

  • Holidaymakers by the sea without kids, often couples aged 20-35, more actionable, longing for fun, not just throwing themselves on the beach, parties, cocktails, trips.
  • Holidaymakers by the sea without kids, often couples past their fifties, “empty nest” (grown-up and independent children), calmness, rather on the beach, enjoying leisure, monuments, etc.
  • Holidaymakers by the sea with a kid(s), by the beach, on the ice cream, by the toboggan, kids´ fun, the holiday revolves around kids and their joy.
  • Holidaymakers by the sea, with or without a kid, older, younger, but chiefly they kind of like to save because they did not fly to the sea but travelled instead by bus or own car, low budget holidays.
  • Holidaymakers without sociodemographic differences, but looking for an exotic holiday, so kind of self-indulgent and kind of in the money.
  • Explorers – more likely a couple and more likely without kids, but chiefly longing to explore foreign countries, foreign cities, whether organised with a guide or own exploration program for a couple of days by European cities and over extended weekends.

The top season for near-coastal areas (Egypt, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, and others) is a “LAST MINUTE” period over May through September. We offer year-round tours to exotic destinations and we currently also offer tours and accommodation in a variety of Czech Republic locations – cabins, cottages, but also wellness and mountainous stays.

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