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Trime is a Czech producer of food supplements of premium quality focused in particular on prevention and balancing of harmful effects of modern way of life upon human health. The brand Trime guarantees top quality of active substances which are selected and analysed by the strictest standards of world quality with emphasis placed on high bioavailability in the human body.

Trime does not use chemical antioxidants, stabilizers and binders. The question of quality is also reflected in packaging and capsule filling technologies to ensure the maximum stability and efficiency of products. When choosing input raw materials and packing materials, emphasis is also put on minimizing environmental impacts, guarantee of non-animal testing and supervision over the ethics of the entire production process.

E-shop vision:

The modern world brings a lot of ruses, stress and load on our physical and psychic parts. Many people do not take proper care of any of those as if interconnected containers. There are many variants, solutions and approaches. Complex, simple, expensive, cheap, modern, or traditional.

We´ve decided to take from everything the very best, substantiate researches and offer the very best in a complex portfolio of food supplements from the highest quality ingredients. We build everything on the basis of scientific knowledge involving a holistic approach to human health.

We believe that every human can make the most of their potential and live to the fullest in the long run and free of compromise.

We believe that every human can live a better and healthier life and make the most of their potential and live to the fullest in the long run and free of compromise.

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