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Vital Country is a Czech family company with healthy foods set up in 2016. A year later also the independent product branch vital Country came into being. We´ve built all along confidence with our customers through 100% natural foods which look, smell and taste beautifully. We import and pack under our branch nuts, natural fruit, seeds, coffee, gluten-free flours, foods for Low Carb diet, and a lot of other things.

E-shop competitive advantages

  • A large selection of 100% Arabica freshly roasted coffee from around the world
  • Natural fruit and nuts in selected quality
  • Product packing in Doypack (resealable zipper pouches)
  • Own food production meeting all sanitary standards, HACCP, BIO certification
  • Postage from CZK59 and shipment with orders over CZK1,800 FREE OF CHARGE
  • Own loyalty system for registered customers
  • Gold certificate “Verified by Customers” (long-termly 98% to 99% and more than 1,300 positive reviews)

In our e-shop, there are prepared more than 2,000 products in stock and we constantly add new ones. We create for our customers regular discount actions.

TOP products

  1. Kešu ořechy natural W320 (Vietnam)
  2. Kešu ořechy natural W320 Premium (Afrika)
  3. Para ořechy natural (Bolívie)
  4. Mandle natural
  5. Mandle loupané
  6. Slunečnicová semínka loupaná
  7. Erythritol
  8. Mandlová mouka
  9. Xylitol březový cukr
  10. Psyllium rozpustná vláknina
  11. Droždí lahůdkové neaktivní
  12. Lněná mouka zlatá
  13. Kokosová mouka
  14. Lyofilizované jahody
  15. Lyofilizované maliny

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