About us

HotDognet affiliate meetups

We hold several times per year affiliate meetups for publishers called HotDognet. It’s traditionally held twice in Bratislava – Christmas and Summer. Though HotDognets in Hungary, the Czech Republic and even in Romania have been added in the most recent years.

It’s important for us to educate and unite know-how publishers. these meetups are particularly for them. Advertisers still need new and high-quality publishers. And a platform to create space for networking is ideal.

Affiliate marketing at conferences

We frequently and gladly give speeches and presentations at those conferences that spread the reputation of the affiliate market. We lecture in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, or Romania.

It’s important for us to keep the market in constant contact with the possibilities brought in by affiliate. We therefore do not omit e-commerce balls, sports events, or various “camps” such as WordCamp or BarCamp.

A book for advertisers on affiliate campaigns

Within the education we do not forget about advertisers, either. We’ve prepared for advertisers a classical, fragrant book on affiliate marketing. There is information for e-shops and e-commerce projects on how to set up an affiliate campaign properly, fairly and, in particular, effectively for all parties.

We had the book in Slovak, Czech, and even Hungarian. It also contains ten videos and extracts. Do you want a copy? Just contact us and we will send it to you 😉

Lectures in schools

As a book in stock has no effect, we frequently and gladly go to universities to deliver lectures. About what? Well. about affiliate marketing. About how students can become publishers and create online projects.

Students show interest in it and often times real active network publishers become out of them, which makes us very happy. About half of each book is given away just to students. Because education is of importance and we do and will always do it.