Become a merchant

With our affiliate campaigns, we increased the turnover of our 0 advertisers by up to 30%. To date, we have secured 0 conversions with a total turnover of more than € 0. You will reach thousands of magazines, blogs, catalogs and influencers through the network. And all this on a commission principle without paying for clicks or impressions.


What can affiliate marketing bring?

Every e-shop will get into a state where it is not worth spending more in PPC, RTB or press more on Facebook. It is then that it is the right time to reach for affiliate marketing which opens up new opportunities.

We perceive highly positively the operation of 4home within the affiliate network Dognet on the Czech and Slovak markets. This cooperation brings us every month hundreds of effected transactions which in addition often times come from brand-new customers. All of this is caused by an active approach of publishers that are able to present our products in a creative fashion in places to which we would hardly get on our own.

Jan Skalický

Online Marketing Manager, 4Home a. s.

Open door to new sources of traffic

By getting involved in the affiliate network you will gain access to thousands of new media which would otherwise be unable or only very hard to be approached by you. The biggest affiliate publishers often times create projects that are outright created with a view to making use of affiliate campaigns. And it is them you can open the door to via own affiliate campaign which can professionally be covered in all respects by Dognet of all networks.

Content publishers as a priority

We’re focused on winning over of, and cooperation in particular with content publishers. We, of course, also serve all relevant caskbacks and coupon websites, but content publishers – magazines, catalogues, review websites and the like are a priority to us.

  • Review websites
  • Product catalogues
  • Magazines
  • Blogs
  • Cashback systems
  • Coupon websites
  • Influencers (FB, instagram, YT)

We, the whole team on acquisition and communication with publishers, take care that any relevant publisher knows about all campaigns that could be of interest to it. The publisher receives information via social networks and newsletters, the system proper, and also through personal communication. Frequently by phone as well. All this for campaigns to be effective and an adevrtiser satisfied.

Júlia Bačíková

Key Relationship Manager

A properly set and administered affiliate campaign can briing as much as 25% of orders

We currently work at Dognet with more than 4,000 publishers throughout the CEE. The primary segment is, of course, Czech and Slovak publishers. We are the only network to publish books for publishers or bloggers, organise publishers’ meetings, or give lectures in universities.

All in order to bring new high-quality publishers and also educate existing ones. It’s not all about network technology and parameters. Over the course of six years of operation we’ve brought a new standard of communication, education and the entire functioning of affiliate marketing in particular in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.