About us

We're a local affiliate network that wholly understands the market. We cover 0 campaigns and have 0 publishers. Since 2013, we have brought 0 conversions and turnovers worth €0 to our advertisers. We have disbursed to date commissions totalling €0 to publishers.

A network as a fair partner for your affiliate campaigns

We’ve already been here for advertisers and publishers for more than 6 years and we build the network on quality and service. We’re not merely a technical solution or a local branch of another network. We’ve been building the network on a greenfield and therefore it is set up as well as the whole of our company – fairly. We often do literally whatever pleases our advertisers and publishers just that they can rely on us.

Why the Dognet of all networks?

There are several players on the market. We’re not the only and each network specializes in something, excels at something. At what we? We do with a wide range of publishers – from the biggest ones to small bloggers. And we’re focused just on content publishers that create content.

We ourselves control the network, quality, and we take care of it. That’s why thousands of publishers and hundreds of advertisers rely on us – we make their life easier and create the best possible environment for co-operation.

Štefan Polgári

Managing Director and the founder of the network Dognet

I’ll be honest, as I try to be in my life and business alike. We brought the network as a pure Slovak one as early as six years ago. We intended to bring to Slovakia.a fully-fledged affiliate network. We’ve learned a lot over time and from a one-man show we’re currently on a ten-plus-member team which is Dognet.

Dognet is neither a technical solution nor a system nor a network from abroad. This is a service behind which stand real people you can rely on.

I’ve figured it out over time that our approach can be applied and sold in the Czech Republic, later on in Hungary, or in the Balkans. Why? Because we don’t play the world champions but we listen to what the advertisers and the publishers alike expect of the affiliate channel. None of them is a matter of course for us.

Honestly, we don’t have the best technical solution on the market. There are even better IT people there. But what I definitely know is that our system can wholly cover what the advertiser and the publisher really needs.

We are building the network on service, communication, professionalism, and added value.

And this is what I think both the advertiser and the publisher needs from the network. This is like in F1 racing – winning is not the one with the fastest monopost but the one with the best team and drivers. And I am honestly proud of that team. Not of the source code but of the people making up Dogner.