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We're a local affiliate network that wholly understands the market. We cover 0 campaigns and have 0 publishers. Since 2013, we have brought 0 conversions and turnovers worth €0 to our advertisers. We have disbursed to date commissions totalling €0 to publishers.

As time passed


Record-making 1000 campaigns in our network from all over Europe

Through joint efforts, we´ve exceeded this year a magical limit of 1,000 campaigns that you can find in our portfolio. It´s the result of the joint work of the entire Dognet team.

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The € 13,000,000 limit exceeded

In 2022, we exceeded four limits in the in commissions paid to publishers. We reached the highest limit of €13 mil.  The positive thing is that we´re exceeding these limits much faster. We thank all the publishers who trust us.

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A first-ever joint vacation in Croatia 🙂

A joint holiday? A great idea. Let’s go! For many years it was only talked and thought about. As late as in 2022 did this idea got actually materialized and the Dognet team set out on their “number one” vacation in Croatia. What else can we say about it? Nothing, it was simply GREAT.

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You´ll find Inserta, a new ``AdSense`` for affiliate projects, in Dognet only

We´re constantly looking for new ways for our publishers to make their projects more efficient and at the same time bring more high-quality orders to advertisers. That´s why we´ve prepared the Inserta system, which works on a principle similar to that of Google AdSense. It´s adjusted to work with affiliate projects and promote products of Dognet clients.


Our 7th book is out! This time purely for e-shops

The book has been prepared by 51 e-commerce experts who shared their long-standing experience. It´s the ultimate guide for those who want to start a high-quality e-shop and also for those who want to improve their e-shop and make their services more efficient.

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New visuals and Dogy mascot

In co-operation with Galton Brands, after 10 years we decided to refresh our logo and the entire brand visual. This gave rise to a new mascot named Dogy Likewise the whole Dognet, it is friendly, fair, and somewhat rebellious.


We give lectures at the Digital University

We introduced the Digital University students to how affiliate marketing works, whether you´re on the side of an e-shop or a publisher.




We organize webinars. You can sign up too!

Learn the basics about Dognet and how affiliate marketing works. We will show you the basic administration and tell you how to work with campaigns and their promotion in our network. Most importantly, you will see some of the Dognet team that you will be in contact with. Sign up today at dognet.live

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Our clients are winners

Our clients in Slovakia did very well in the Heureka Shop of the Year contest. Out of 13 winners in different categories, 8 are our clients!

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€ 7 000 000 threshold passed

Our great publishers have surpassed another significant milestone. This time we have already paid them over €7 million

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Continued growth

We grew 128% year-over-year in Q1 and delivered nearly 400,000 conversions to advertisers. Great work by the entire Dognet team.

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We contributed to a new book about marketing

We contributed with content and sponsorship to the Performics agency and created new book “Succeed in Online”. You can buy it HERE.

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Dognet is a proud sponsor of the Croatian ecommerce guide

Since the Croatian market is still in the development stage in the field of affiliate marketing, we decided to communicate the basic terminology and the way affiliate marketing works.




We published a book titled 123 tips for online and affiliate marketing

The 600-plus page book has been prepared by 51 authors – online and affiliate marketing experts. For more information, see 123.sk


We grow by more than 44% year-on-year

44%! By as much as that did the number of conversions in the affiliate network Dognet grow year-on-year in October 2020


We broke the limit of €5,000,000 to disbursed publishers

Nearly precisely to the day we celebrated last year the breaking of the limit of €3,000,000 to disbursed publishers. Now we broke the limit of 5 million.


A new design and programming pair

Since last summer we have had in the company two newcomers. Ondreh and Tomáš had worked for more than 5 years in their previous job, so now we have an ideal two – a designer and a developer


Strategic co-operation in the westward expansion

We have entered into strategic co-operation with the affiliate network Tradedoubler which operates primarily in Western European countries. We can thereby open the way for our advertisers to the west and also vice versa – bring to this country interesting campaigns of major western vendors.


Technical progress of the network

During 2020 and 2021 we also focus on technologic advancement of the network.


In early 2020 we had home office

During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic we had been for more than 2 months at home in order not to help spread the virus.


We promoted the Junior Internet competition

Education is key for us and therefore we promote this year the Junior Internet competition which has started already for more than online marketing career of primary and secondary school students.


Tertiary education continues

Within educational activities we had delivered free of charge during 2019 and 2020 hundreds of books to university students



We christen the new book Creating a successful money-making blog

Bloggers are a big added value for affiliate campaigns. We therefore elected to promote them and published a book from 40 authors in an overall circulation of 6,000.copies. For more information see the official site.

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We have more than 500 affiliate campaigns from across the CEE

We broke the limit of 500 active campaigns. Yes, the affiliate network is about the number if campaigns. Though we only add those that make sense.


We broke significant limits

This involved €3,000,000 disbursed to publishers and we brought more than 1,000,000 conversions to advertisers. We managed to exceed the two milestones in one month.


The first Czech HotDognet

Following the experience with the conference AFFILHERO CONF. we decided to organize HotDognet rather than a less formall networking action. We held it together with the network eHub.


We launch the first Croatian and Slovenian campaigns

The Balkan expansion carries on and in 2020 we are focused on the Slovenian and Croatian markets.


A new book Online marketing and creating a money-making website is born

More than 30 authors from the Czech and Slovak Republics have contributed to the new book. In general it is about online marketing, but strongly gravitates just toward afiliate marketing. For more information see the Super Affiliate Academy site.

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Participation in international exhibitions is already standard

We exhibit on a regular basis in Hungary, the Czech Republic, and also in Slovakia. The coleague Dávid travels across Europe and follows the trends. All this in order for us to be able to provide advertisers and publishers alike with the very best service.

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We have the first Romanian HotDognet

Personal contacts with the publishers is key for us. We therefore held the first Romanian HotDognet in which over 30 publishers took part.


The first Hungarian HotDognet

Hungary is a difficult market where it is necessary to be present very personally. We therefore made the first foreign HotDognet in Budapest.

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A new country manager for the Czech Republic

Roman, a new country manager for the Czech Republic and a first full-time colleague outside of Bratislava, joins us.


We have 3,000 launched campaigns

Both Czech and Hangarian clients increasingly trust us.


We launch the first Romanian campaigns

Another logic step after Hungary is the opening of Romania where a great deal of our advertisers and publishers alike operate.


We publish an updated version of the book Super Affiliate Academy

We prepared a new book for affiliate publishers to which over 20 online and affiliate marketing specialists made a contribution.


We launch the first Polish campaigns

The opening of the Polish market was a logic step for us. Over time, however, we preferred the development of other markets and we nowdays look to the Polish market merely marginally.


We also take part in the e-commerce expo in Hungary

We visited the EXPO in Budapest along with the colleagues.


Participation in the first E-commerce EXPO Prague exhibition

We let ourselves be convinced and set out for our first EXPO. Since then we have visited several more. This is a great platform for meeting each other and presenting the company.



HotDognet established itself

A popular action becomes of HotDognet which we hold twice a year.

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1 million for publishers

We broke the limit of €1,000,000 disbursed to publishers


We're growing

We constantly migrate within the building. Still, we already have a hand-made lighting logo, which is the keystone of any successful company!

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We co-organize the conference AFFILHERO CONF. in Brno

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A book for advertisers

We publish a book on affiliate marketing for advertisers. You’ll also find in it videos and multitudes of interesting information

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Dognet celebrates 4 years

It’s unbelieveable yet Dognet has already been around for more than 4 years.



We launch the first Hungarian campaigns and we thereby open ourselves to foreign countries



100 active campaigns

We have the first 100 affiliate campaigns


A first book

Super Affiliate Academy is out as a real scented book


The first HotDognet

The first HotDognet took place at the new premises


The first part-time workers

We have the first part-time workers – Martina and Júlia. Júlia is with us to date 🙂


Departure from small coworking

The first real offices on 6, Karpatská St.



The first full-time fellow

Katka, the first full-time member of the team


We educate

Launched course Super Affiliate Academy for publishers


Night of Affiliate Marketing

The first “Noc affiliate marketingu” which we organised along with Connect Coworking



Miška, the first part-time member of the Dognet team



An office

The first coworking “office” on Kozia Street in Bratislava, where there was so far Štefan only


The first campaigns

We launch the first campaigns, they’re even more than ten in number



The first conversions

The first affiliate conversions effected in the network


We get started

Preparation of an affiliate network along with the VISIBILITY agency

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