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Global technical solution Post Affiliate Network

Dognet uses for its core the global solution from the Slovak company Quality Unit. This solution is used by hundreds of affiliate networks around the world. Post Affiliate Network, currently used by more than 650 customers worldwide who have their own affiliate networks with thousands of advertisers and tens of thousands of parrtners.

With more than 30% the USA has (traditionally) the biggest representation, followed by European Union countries (France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Switzerland) and Asian countries (China, Taiwan, Singapore), which are gaining an increasingly large share in overall representation.

Andrej Saxon, Quality Unit

Why did we not go into "own" solution or other system?

A Slovak solution

The whole system has already been under development for years in Slovakia.

100% support

If a technical issue arises, we solve it together with them immediately. Without having to wait for anybody.

Ready-to-use and well-set processes

The system has been developed well and includes all we need in a professional network.

Joint development

We work closely with Quality Unit on the system development and progress.


The system features a high-quality API on which we have built own modules and functions.


The system currently runs on a quality cloud solution and any failures are minimum.


The tracking methods are highly reliable and solved via a number of technologies – all for the highest possible reliability.

…and a lot more

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Active control also via Qtracker

Dognet has been built all along on transparency and that also we as a network take active care of the quality of the traffic delivered by our publishers. This is not a matter of course in case of other networks and the advertiser has to guard everything itself with separate programs. As a superstructure of Post Affiliate Network we’ve developed Qtracker that check the whole network on a 24/7/365 basis. It automatically tracks anomalies and helps the affiliate managers to supervise quality.

Qtracker helps check for anomalies quickly and automatically where the affiliate manager could not reveal it manually on time. It detects whatever non-standard in hours rather than in weeks or months. Or even until after the advertiser himself has drawn attention to it.

Ondrej Takáč

Product & Project Manager

Functionalities for both minor and major programs

The system is set up as modular – he who wants to administer the system in a simple way, has a simple system. But he who wants to solve affiliate at a high level with functionalities, we’re prepared for it. It just depends on how the advertiser approaches the program.

Basic functionalities

  • Traffic evaluation – trends, linking sites, detailed statistics.
  • Conversion evaluation – approaval and rejection.
  • Banner administration – various types of banners.
  • Basic development control by the affiliate manager – compliance with the campaign rules.
  • Various commission levels for various types of publishers.
  • We do not use a credit system but we do not bill until after results have been achieved.
  • Automatic notifications for sale evaluation.
  • An advertiser does not have to approve conversions immediately. We accept the fact that some orders take longer to handle.

Advanced functionalities

  • Evaluation automation via API or CSV import
  • Detailed tracking of conversions and publishers
  • An internal catalog of publishers for acquisition
  • Manual approval of publishers in a campaign
  • Mass communication with publishers in a campaign
  • Commission groups of publishers and their setup
  • For publishers optional setting of various conditions according to specific agreements
  • Various commission rewards according to e-shop categories
  • Optional full program administration
  • With large turnovers and program independence, a reduction of the network fees can be negotiated
  • Tracking a new vs old customer.

If an advertiser needs something “extra”, we’re ready to resolve it.