Migration of existing affiliate programs under Dognet's wings

Do you have already your affiliate program in another network or independently? Are you not satisfiedí? We have a solution and unique conditions and approach for you. We, of course, understand that if you already have your publishers and cooperations underway, you need specific conditions. Dognet is capable of providing an adequate technical or better technical background than other networks or programs.

Originally, we had worked with a far larger international network for which we were just a drop in the ocean. Because of unwilingness and poor communication we switched over to Dognet and since then we cannot complain. Our market is the Czech Republic and Slovakia, therefore we do not need a large international network but rather a smaller and better focused one just like Dognet. Nothing was ever a problem, they accommodated everything for us and resolved any of our requirements at the drop of a hat. I can highly recommend Dognet for Chefshop.

 Tomáš Nápoký

Marketing Manager,  Chefparade s.r.o.

We're here for you and your campaign

  • New sources of traffic and more transparent cooperation.
  • Care of a campaign by the network.
  • Active communication of network specialists.
  • Help in migration.
  • Providing for the functionalities you need.
  • Improvement of processes and things which do not suit with the current solution.
  • Reaching out for both current and new publishers.
  • Billing setup according to an advertiser’s needs and cash-flow options.
  • Overall higher effectiveness of a campaign.

Would you be interested in moving a campaign to us? Or just in getting informed? We’re here for you. .