Commercial section

1. Entry form

The first step is to fill out the entry form in which you’ll give basic data of your e-shop/project. Upon sending the filled-out form, we’ll contact you no later than the following business day.


2. Contract

We’ll go together with you over your expectations, goals and potential of a campaign. We’ll agree upon settings and conditions of your campaign, commission amounts, billing model, evaluation, campaign control, and other details of our cooperation. Based on this, we’ll send you a draft contract and on signing it we’ll pass over to the campaign integration.


Integration technical section

3. Implementation of codes

It will be necessary to place two JavaScript codes on your website to track click-throughs and sales of our publishers. It’s similar to Google Analytics and eCommerce tracking which track your visitors and send out data to Google Analytics. You can see an example of codes in our article.


4. Banners

We’ll need from you at least one set of banners for your project. You can use the banners from Google Ads. We use the same dimensions as Google 😉

Big, half price and one day sale banners. Vector.

5. XML feed

Do you have an e-shop? If so, we’ll need from you also your XML feed of products. We use most often feeds in the same structure as Heureka or Google Shopping. But if you can prepare a separate feed for us, all the better (with our UTM tags in the URL and the pre-discount product price).

XML code lines on a display

6. Logo and description of your project

To present your campaign in a quality manner, we’ll need from you the logo of your website and description of your project. We’ll also publish this data on our site in the section Campaigns. Click on the individual campaigns to find out how the other advertisers have done their description.


Campaign launch and administration

7. Campaign launch

When we have everything ready, we can officially launch your campaign. Prior to the launch, we’ll check up with you once again the whole setup of the campaign. If everything is OK, we’ll start promoting the campaign among the publishers. 


8. Campaign optimisation

The campaign will take some 3-6 months to start up at which time we do take care of its development. After this time, we can have a look again at the porformance of your campaign and its respective parameters. We can have a look together at the campaign improvement or better targeting (for example XML feed improvement, new banners, inclusion of your project in Banea, closer cooperation with selected publishers, IP blocking of your offices, addition of discount coupons, addition of a link to your campaign in the footer of your website, etc.), acquisition, extra SEO support, and others.

CASE STUDY: affiliate kampaně 4Home cz&sk přinesly obrat skoro 1 000 000 €