FAQ – Frequently asked questions

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Basic questions

Who is a merchant?

A merchant is a company, who wants to increase their sales. It might be an online store, a financial institution or other online service.

The merchant is willing to pay a fee (commission) to someone, who brings them new customers. The commission might be defined in percentages (e.g. 5% from the amount of the order) or as a fixed amount defined in Euros (for example 3€ for signing up to the newsletter or for filling out a form). It can be also combined (8% from the order amount + 1€ for signing up to the newsletter).

Who is a publisher?

A publisher is a company or an individual, who wants to earn money by promoting other companies and their services/products.

For example bloggers, who implement some kind of banner on their blog make money thanks to the visitors clicking through the ad and making a purchase (or another action) on the merchants site – for which the blogger gets a commission. 

FAQ - Merchant

What conditions should I fulfill?

In the basic, free package, where the merchant pays only the commission, we accept VAT payers only, who have a project running for more than 1 year and who sort out at least 200 orders per month. To apply, please fill out the signup form for merchants and we will get back to you with our offer.

What should I do to display my offer among the campaigns?

First we have to review your project whether it is eligible for us to integrate it. The affiliate model is not for everyone, thus fill out our signup form please.

When integrating your campaign, first we send you a set of tracking codes to implement on your page, then you should provide us with your banners, XML feeds (in case of an online store) and the campaign description.

What costs are related to the registration?

The merchants sign up via the signup form. After submitting it we review your application and get back to you with our proposal, whether we can implement the campaign for free, or we come up with a different, paid solution. 

FAQ - Publisher

What conditions should I fulfill?

When signing up as a publisher you should already have some online project running. Thanks to the registration you get the eligibility to start using our campaigns. The whole list is available also for non-registered visitors in the Campaigns section. To apply, simply fill out every field during the registration.

What costs are related to the registration?

There are absolutely no costs. The registration and use of the campaigns is completely free of charge.

I do not have any website yet, how can I apply?

Without having a running website, it makes no sense for you to sign up. All the campaigns and their conditions can be found in the Campaigns section.

May I promote an offer on multiple sites?

Yes. You do not need to sign up multiple times to run an offer on different sites. Using a single account you can promote an offer on an unlimited number of webpages. However, all of those pages have to fulfil the conditions of the particular campaign and of our network.

May I promote the offers on social networks?

Yes. However, you have to make sure it is not spam. In case we figure out you are “spamming” (either on the social networks or elsewhere), your account may be blocked.

In case someone clicks through my affiliate link, should that visitor make an immediate purchase?

No, he does not have to. The visitor may browse the merchant’s site and leave it without making a purchase (or other action). In case he comes back within 30 days (the cookie lifetime may vary in case of different campaigns) and makes an action (purchase, filling out a form, etc.), the commission will still be assigned to you.

I cannot see the banners of a campaign. I cannot see a campaign while using filter Banners.

It is because you are not confirmed in the campaign. Go to the list of all campaigns (Campaigns on the left) search for the specific campaign and click the “Apply for this campaign” button. Consequently, fill out the information about how and when you are going to promote the campaign and wait for the confirming email.


If you promote a campaign you are not confirmed in, you will get no commissions!

If a campaign is invite only, how can I apply for it?

In the admin panel among the campaigns you can find some that are available only for invited publishers. In order to get an invitation, please click the “Apply for this campaign” button and then you should wait for the confirming email.


If you promote a campaign you are not confirmed in, you will get no commissions!

Why was my commission declined immediately?

In most cases the commission is being declined because of a duplicity. Such transactions usually have an identical order ID with just a few seconds time delay between them and having the same IP address. In case of the web forms it can be caused by resubmission or it can be a spam bot.

3 orders with the identical ID, shortly after each other with an identical sum. The first order is waiting for approval, the two other have been declined automatically.


How long does the approval process take?

The approval process usually takes one month. In case of online stores it may take even more (the goods have to be shipped and paid). Each month we receive a report from our merchants, based on which we approve or decline the commissions, eventually we assign bonuses (for example upon a bank account opening or someone applying for a credit). The detailed description of the approval process can be found in case of each campaign.

How do I figure out whether I received a bonus for a sale?

Each month we receive a report from our merchants based on which we assign the bonuses (for example upon a bank account opening or someone applying for a credit).

If you brought a new customer for mBank, you will receive a commission of 5€ for the lead. If the bank account has been opened, the commission will change from 5€ to 19€ (thus we assign a bonus of 14€ for the sale). 

How do I figure out, whether I published the correct link/banner?

Click on the link/banner on your site and afterwards check in the admin panel whether the click has been recorded (in “Reports” – “Clicks list”).

The data is being updated every 25 seconds. Thus you should not be panic if the click will be not visible immediately. 

May I change the link and point it to another subpage, for example to a specific product?


You chose the topánky.sk campaign. The standard link will look like this: http://www.topanky.sk/?a_aid=55d1e5e96f49d&a_bid=db2af2ac. However, the link points to the homepage and you want to point to a specific product or category. In this case take the link where you want to point the visitor, for example: http://www.topanky.sk/23-star-pes-v-nudzi-man-n372015-606010 and at the end of it simply put your code.
The result will be the following: http://www.topanky.sk/23-star-pes-v-nudzi-man-n372015-606010?a_aid=55d1e5e96f49d&a_bid=db2af2ac

What if the same customer clicks on the link of two different publishers?

The rule is: the last click wins.

The publisher, who lead the customer to the final purchase, gets the commision.


How do I request a payout?

In be eligible for a payout, you need to have at least 100€ of approved commissions in total.

To request a payout simply click the “Request Payment” in the admin panel, which you can find in the Reports – Payouts to me section.

Then you should wait for the notification email with further instructions.

What is the payout process?

Companies and registered self employed persons issue a standard invoice, which will be paid shortly after submission. All the commissions in the network are excluding VAT. If your company is not registered in Slovakia or Czechia, you should issue an invoice excluding VAT even if you are a VAT payer (we will pay the VAT locally).

You will find the invoicing details in the notification email 😉

Which campaigns are available in our network?