About us

We publish books on online and affiliate marketing for the whole of Czecho-Slovakia

Within the network expansion, we take care to create and educate new publishers. This is key for our advertisers – in order to win over high-quality publishers acquire. We’ve therefore published over the last few years four publications just in support of publishers. Even if we know that we move forward our competitors as well, someone has to do so. So it’s us who do so. Because it would fit nobody else’s cost table and it does not fit us, either. But its’s the future we’ll be fighting for for advertisers and publishers alike.

The most recent deed got into the numbers that few expected. The first book had some 120 pages. More than 40 bloggers and online marketing professionals were involved in the most recent book. And it has over 400 great pages. This is what will move the market forward. This is what will make affiliate marketing even more powerful. This is what we do for the entire market.

Online marketing

Creating a money-making website

A comprehensive publication from 30 online marketing professionals, the book elucidates the whole of online marketing. It is focused in detail primarily on affiliate marketing and creating a publisher website. The book comes from the first 2018 edition which has been updated and supplemented to the final more than 500 pages.

Blog Hero Academy

Creating a successful money-making website

Blogger are an endangered spieces at the time of “empty” influencers. We have therefore elected to publish the book in support of the entire blogger market. We put to the forefront, of course, affiliate marketing as one of the monetisation options. Over 40 bloggers and online marketing experts worked on the book and is up to 95% different from the book on online marketing.