Services to Advertisers

Affiliate network as a key partner

The difference between Dognet and other major (affiliate) solutions is that we have a different approach. We often times and happily do things that even do not occur to “major ones” or they simply cannot do that. We provide not only a technical solution but also a comprehensive service.

Which campaigns are available
in our network?

When I was looking for a company for affiliate cooperation, I elected for Dognet for a number of reasons. Firstly, it operates on both the Czech and Slovak markets, secondly I was persuaded by the conditions and in particular by an accommodating approach of Dognet’s representatives. The initial integration was easy and quick despite the technical inflexibility of our company, during the following communication. I’m pleased n particular with transparency and an overview of performance. Our mutual cooperation is relatively short, but right from the start it has not only met but even exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to it being long-term and still successful.

Šimon Radil

Internet Marketing Manager, Möbelix 

Thus what will you get from us?

  • Covering the disbursement to publishers
  • The basic acquisition of new publishers in the program
  • Communication with TOP partners for your campaign
  • Promotion of the program on social networks and in mailing
  • Help in the program administration and eventually also in the evaluation
  • Active supervision over traffic quality

Long-term cooperation

Our goal is for you to have an effective affiliate program. Until you’re satisfied and it’s going well for you, we cannot be satisfied, either. “We’ll take your hand” and guide you through the process. It’s not about giving you an empty system and letting you do whatever you want to.

We take care of communication

Dognet takes care of fast communication and market education. As a result, we do regular acquisitions of publishers for the advertisers themselves and the whole network alike with a view to delivering the best possible performance for affiliate campaigns.

What is a paid service in other networks, we do automatically and as part of our services. All with the aim of providing the best possible services to advertisers and publishers alike.

Dávid Puha

Head of Business Development

We provide equally fair access and services throughout the CEE. The principal markets for us are Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, but we can also cover a campaign for Romania, Poland, and for 2020 also for Slovenia and Croatia.

We’re here for you.