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We´re, one of Slovakia´s alcohol shops with an ambition to become #1. We´re focused in particular on premium brands of high-quality alcohol. We often bring various new brands to the Slovak market, which we gradually get into people’s awareness through hard work.

Of the successful brands that we have in official distribution for Slovakia, we can mention rums such as Plantation, The Demon’s Share or Piquero, Jura and Tamnavulin whiskeys, Citadelle gin, and many more. Overall, you´ll find more than 1000 brands in our offer.

Indeed, everyone can choose in our offer – it is one of the most common claims of e-shops, but it´s really the case with us. We have a great “entry level” alcohol for those who want to move from classic bottles to something better. We have alcohol for more advanced connoisseurs who know exactly what they are looking for. We also have the “créme de la créme” bottles, which are as a rule produced in very limited quantities only. The most demanding customers who can pay for the limits most often reach out for these.

Why co-operate just with us?

It is thanks to bringing products of the highest quality for high-quality alcohol lovers that we manage to grow constantly. You have the opportunity to jump on our bandwagon and also put your hand to work.

We rely not only on high-quality products, but also on the best possible customer services. Whether it’s the speed of delivery, adjusting orders, or handling complaints. The result is a 100% rating on Heureka and also many positive comments on our social media.

Who is our target group?

  • Both men and women
  • Aged from 25 or so
  • Middle class and above
  • Self-indulgent persons
  • They know how to treat themselves or their acquaintances to the highest quality
  • They are not afraid to experiment and try put new things
  • Collectors (applies to the collectors´ alcohol segment)

Bestselling products:

Brands that we want to primarily promote with the help from Dognet:

Promotional elements

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  • PR articles
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Permissions for publishers

  • Cash-back
  • Content
  • Coupon sites
  • Emailing
  • Direct PPC
  • Google CSS
  • External coupons
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