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Alza entered the Hungarian e-commerce market in 2016 and according to data from GKI Digital it was as early as 2018 Hungary´s fourth biggest e-shop with a turnover of over €36 million (HUF12 billion), which accounts for a 129 percent increase as compared to the previous year. Their 5,000 sqm newly opened modern showroom in Budapest constitutes a €2-plus million (about HUF 646 million).

In early 2019, started further developing its product range and launched the sale of new segments such as Hobby and garden, Auto-moto, and Sport and outdoor. In October, this development continued with Beauty and Drugstore categories. Thanks to the service Same Day Delivery, customers can take over their goods ordered by 01:00 PM on the very same day and they constantly expand the transport network also via the new AlzaBoxes.

The most popular category is computer technology and electronics.

The most sought-after products include coffee makers, play consoles, cell phones, and TV sets.

The following product categories are sold in the largest quantities:

  1. Domestic appliances (coffee makers, mixers, etc.)
  2. Smart phones (Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, iPhone)
  3. Supplements (monitors, external disks, etc.)
  4. Alzák (plush-made company “face”)

The broadest product range
Alza is the leader in providing premium services to its customers that offer an unrivalled availability and an extensive range of products. Originally focused on sales of computers and electronic products, Alza is currently focused also on home electronics, toys, cosmetics, implements, health monitoring products, and others.

Automated logistics centre
We want to provide our customers with the very best shopping experience and bring in the best customer service. Alza constantly develops and modernise its logistics services, storage capacities, and sales network.

Located in Prague, Alza´s automated logistics centre is one of the Czech Republic´s most modern logistics centres. 

1,000,000 products on stock
Alza´s product catalogue contains more than 55,000 types of products, of which approximately 1,200,000 are on stock and ready for immediate delivery. 

Excellent customer service
Alza´s success rests in its exceptional customer service. The company provides an excellent and comprehensive after-sale service which also meets the highest expectations of customers. Over the years, Alza has processed more than 15 million orders and millions of satisfied customers have elected to shop online.

Prestigious prizes and awards
For already more than twenty years have our customers used the high-quality services from Alza. This is reflected in many prestigious prizes awarded to Alza based on customer satisfaction surveys. 97 % of Alza customers recommend our online shore and 66 % visit our online shore on a regular basis.

Speed and comfort
Alza constantly improves its services and sets increasingly higher standards in handling orders and the speed of delivery.


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