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Biomineraly focuses chiefly on high-quality nutritional supplements and other products intended for a healthy lifestyle, an eco-friendly household, and psychological well-being and relaxation. A significant part of our assortment also includes amber beads for children, which we have made in traditional workshops in Lithuania. A smaller part of our offer then consists of handmade decorations and gift items for pleasure.


You´ll find with us nutritional supplements with an uncompromising composition. In choosing our assortment, we pay attention to details and sell top quality brands. Our goal is for products to really help customers. Our products are also fit for pregnant and lactating women or, for example, for small children, while we seek to make as many as possible of them fit for allergy sufferers as well. We´ve personally tested everything we sell. The e-shop was built by Mgr. Iveta Polívková, who has a degree in ecology, psychology, a lot of other professional courses, including training from producers, and is constantly gaining education in the area of health. Thanks to this, customers can get free one-on-one advice on choosing products for themselves and their loved ones.

Target group

Women, notably pregnant, breastfeeding and moms of children under 10 years of age, who make up the majority of customers, primarily make a purchase at the e-shop. Nevertheless, men also buy our bestsellers, such as high-quality collagen, fish oils, probiotics for allergy sufferers, or joint preparations. This part of the assortment is popular with seniors as well.


We have all products in stock and we process orders promptly. let’s talk about same day shipping. Not only fast delivery, we have excellent reviews from customers.

We operate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to favourable contracts with carriers, we have low postage and free shipping from as low as CZK1,500. Within the Czech Republic, we send via Balíkovna, Česká pošta, Zásielkovňa, and GLS. The customers can pay with us cash on delivery, by bank transfer, or via an online payment gateway.


We´ve long kept the conversion rate at around 4.4%. The average order amount is accordingly CZK1,150. We seek to motivate customers to raise the value of the order through additional sales in the basket, free shipping from a higher amount, and advantageous sets.


The e-shop does not have such significant peaks because part of the assortment (typically amber beads, probiotics, vitamins for pregnant women, natural toothpastes) is sold almost unchanged. Overall, there is a more significant increase at the end of August, at which time many mothers want to boost their children’s immunity from the start of school or kindergarten attendance. In November and December, our sales are raised by purchases of Christmas gifts not only from the field of nutritional supplements, but also natural candles, aromatherapy or, for example, natural cosmetics. Still, the strongest months are January through March, when respiratory diseases usually peak and people invest the most in their health

We´ll support you

We´re not opposed to cooperation and will readily agree, for example, to donate a product for testing for your article or review. We´ll also be happy, of course, advise you on the selection of suitable products for you or your children.

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