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Commission: As high as 8.5%, cashback portals and coupon websites are prohibited

  • 4.5% for other products

About the e-shop:

For all of those who really want to enjoy themselves in nature, here´s  BUSHCRAFTshop. Equipment for short- and long-term stay in nature. A well-arranged e-shop with products that are really in stock and two own brick-and-mortar stores in Prague and Šumperk are available to our customers.

What do we offer to publishers?

  • A highly popular segment for nature stay equipment (a wide interest group in travel, outdoor, camping, tourism, military, grilling).
  • A unique assortment and products available merely within the BUSHCRAFTshop.
  • All-season assortment – nearly permanent sales throughout the year.
  • All the products in stock actually IN STOCK.
  • Free products for publishers – for own user experience, an article, reviews, photos, videos.
  • Emphasis on quality – products from EU countries, the USA – a very good customer experience.
  • Own products – JUBÖ brand – completely made in the Slovak Republic in our workshops – LOVE brand for the bushcraft community (tested things from traditional materials steel/leather/wool/canvas).
  • Own reviews and recommendations – from which it is possible to draw for own articles (source. www.bushcraftportal.cz).
  • Own banner sets, an original image as well as product photos.
  • A sustainable e-shop – eco method of packing, recyclable materials.

Commission division by brand:

We offer two commission levels. According to brands which we represent within the Slovak and Czech Republics and the second variant is the rest of the assortment.

  1. Main brands = 8.5% commission
  1. Remaining brands = 4.5%

Analytic data:

  • The average order value (the most recent 12 months): about CZK1,920 (excl. VAT)
  • The conversion ratio (the most recent 12 months): about 1.7%
  • Heuréka rating

TOP brands:

What is it? Who is the target group? What are the main advantages?


  • Travel water filters that are capable of removing all bacteria, protozoa, and cysts contained in water. These are unique by their technology, capacity up to 300.000 l of water, and filtration velocity.
  • It´s a bestseller product SAWYER MINI – a BESTSELLING product in the long term in the water filter category, according to Heureka.sk
  • (https://vodni-filtry.heureka.cz/)
  • Target group – travel, outdoor, hiking, military, camping, cycling, water sports.


  • Dishware of traditional Nordic shapes, it comes from Finland and is made to 50 % of recyclable wood and to 50% of recyclable plastic. Completely BPA-free – Kupilka introduces take-back and repeated recycling of products used. A strong ECO factor.
  • Target group – outdoor, coffee, gift tips, camping, Nordic culture, Scandinavian style.


  • Ultralight, minimalist and practical tableware made of titanium. Suitable for treks and daily use alike. Can be used for cooking on all types of cookers incl. open fire.
  • Target group – travel, outdoor, ultralight hiking, mountaineering, camping, high-tech.


  • A pocket, hand-held chainsaw – enabling to cut trunks and branches up to some 30 cm in diameter. Small, lightweight, foldable with optional grinding of teeth.
  • Target group – travel, outdoor, military, camping, MTB – mountain bikes.


  • Outdoor tableware, candle lanterns, and the world´s biggest match supplier. Practical accessories and gadgets for travel and camping.
  • Target group – travel, outdoor, camping, festivals.


  • Ultralight and folding water reservoirs from 1-3 l, suitable for camping – compatible with Sawyer filters. Possible easy cleaning owing to a wide cap.
  • Target group – travel, outdoor, ultralight hiking, military, camping.


  • Own brand, all made in our workshops in the Czech Republic. Backpacks, bags, pouches – all with an emphasis on quality and long-term maintainability.
  • Use of materials such as waxed canvas, cowhide, sheep wool, steel, wood, etc.
  • Target group – travel, outdoor, bushcraft, heavy duty, camping, Czech love brand.

 Other brands:

  • Are all of those not mentioned above, i.e. the e-shop´s remaining assortment which contains, however, other very interesting brands that can be perfectly communicated.
  • Firebox – campfire stoves – a mobile fireplace from the USA.
  • DD Hammocks – hammocks, tarpaulins, tarps – the world´s most popular brand from Scotland.
  • Light My Fire – camping accessories from Sweden.
  • Beavercraft – carving knives and gouges for woodcutting from Ukraine.
  • Hultafors – Swedish axes with a history.
  • Petromax – high-quality German cast iron tableware – grilles and stoves for grilling in nature and garden alike.
  • Muurikka – Finish pans, grilles, and grilling accessories.
  • MoraKniv – outdoor and working knives, popular worldwide – a great price-performance ratio – all made in Sweden.
  • Fjällraven – Swedish clothing and backpacks for outdoor.
  • MEINDL – German outdoor shoes and hiking boots.

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