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ČistéOblečenie.sk is a specialist in the sale of clothing without print, graphics or inscriptions. Nowdays an increasingly larger number of those who are not willing to pay extra money for being a “walking advertisement” are looking for such apparel.

Those who have their life priorities clearly arranged go shopping at the e-shop ČistéOblečenie.sk. They want high-quality clothing yet at reasonable prices. They prefer choosing a high-quality material to wearing a big logo on their chest.

Highly popular is the offer 4+1 for free, where the customer automatically gets a discount of the value of one product when shopping 5 products. In so doing, you can arbitrarily combine various models, sizes and colours. This offer is fit for businesses or sports clubs – when buying 10 pieces, a discount is double, as is triple for 15 pieces, etc. The most popular are men´s T-shirts, women´s T-shirts and kids T-shirts. Highly popular are classical white T-shirts, black T-shirts and also other colours.

While we specialise in the sale of clean apparel, in the case of interest we can supply also clothing with custom print or embroidery. Also important is a short delivery time with fair delivery prices and various payment options.

All this is combined at an e-shop which is recommended by 99 % of customers.

Why shop with us?

  • The e-shop is recommended by 99 % of customers.
  • Make use of the offer 4+1 for free and save even more!
  • Clothing solely without screen print and inscriptions that you easily combine with you you already have.
  • Sewn from high quality materials.
  • An extensive offer of sizes – XS to 5XL. Sizes for kids aged 4 up to 12 years.
  • An extensive offer of colours – over 90 hues to choose from.
  • A pair concept clothing for ladies and gentlemen in the same styles and colours. Thus you´ll be perfectly matched.
  • A family concept clothing for ladies, gentlemen and children in uniform styles and colours.
  • Fast delivery of orders.
  • Delivery of the whole order is automatically free of charge if you buy at least 1 product designated as free delivery.
  • A cash-on-delivery payment option – you´ll not pay until while taking over a package, either in cash or by card.
  • Online payment – you can pay via the secure payment gateway GoPay by credit card or fast transfer. You can also send the payment directly to our current bank account.
  • Delivery by courier at the chosen address, directly into your hands.
  • Delivery to Zásielkovňa point of delivery – pick up your package whenever it suits you. Even in the evening or over the weekend.

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