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We are a Czech e-shop from the Moravian-Silesian region, you can stop by in person in Opava to place an order.

We specialize in the manufacture of treadmills, the sale of fitness and strengthening equipment, and yoga aids. We sell everything under our Sportago brand. You´ve been running, exercising, and strengthening with us for more than 5 years. Over that time, we have over 60,000 satisfied customers. We have all the goods in stock right with us in Opava, we´re extremely fast in delivering the goods at your address.

About products:

You´ll find with us a wide-ranging assortment of fitness equipment such as balance aids, gymnastic balls, fitness mats, dumbbells, bars. We sell yoga aids – mats, cubes, straps, yoga wheels. You´ll find with us exactly the type of yoga mat that you´re looking for. We offer designer, non-slip, rubber, cork, folding, with and without mandala, hot yoga mats. If you´re looking for a specific colour of fitness equipment, you´ll definitely find it with us, as Sportago plays with all colours all year round.

We want to be a place you´ll be happy to ger back to for your fitness needs, where you´ll equip your home and professional fitness studio, as well as your school gym. Sports clubs, schools, kindergartens, yoga studios, fitness centres and all those who love sports and movement buy with us.

Top products:

We’ve assembled eight top treadmills we’d love to walk or run on ourselves. We wanted to shorten the journey as much as possible when choosing a treadmill. Having just enough belts to choose from that makes sense and having a treadmill for each of us. We´ve managed to do that. We currently offer machines for walking and running lovers, running beginners, and for professional fitness studios. We´ve at the same time managed to resolve the transport of treadmills to customers so as to minimize any shocks and damage. We are very happy about it. Getting a treadmill is like getting a car. You want to have a warranty and service for it. We can offer you all this at Sportago thanks to our own service team. Since autumn 2021, we´ve been offering our own treadmill shipping and professional installation. To date, we have sold more than 900 treadmills.

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