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We at Fexi are proud of being able to offer you an uncompromising quality of roller shutters at the very best prices. We constantly think over how to further improve ourselves. We supply completely assembled and screwed interior roller shutters. We´re a specialist for Deň a noc (Day & Night) interior roller shutters in the Czech Republic. We offer them in three types of shafts and sized up to 240 in both width and height.

The uniqueness of our products rests first of all in that the shutters from us are already screwed and assembled. Competitors offer at the same or higher prices disassembled shutters. It is only a fabric reeled on a rod and a sachet of components. In addition to spending plenty of time assembling those shutters, you will never deliver the equally tight and high-quality result as with us. Moreover, every customer will receive from us an above-standard customer service which we are proud of. The customer receives all the installation components free of charge.

Our target group is clearly women. Our shutters combine design and functionality. Design means that owing to a multitude of colours and tints everybody can choose just a variant which best suits their room. Functionality means that by choosing a proper grammage and colour we obtain a proper shading. Hence this solution is highly variable. Women simply do love these reasons along with easy installation. The top season comes with the arrival of summer and in autumn.

We have delivery from 7 to 10 business days.  As we make each shutter to order, this is very speedy manufacturing. We have free shipment from CZK2,800.

We will be happy to provide shutters for testing, photographing, etc. On the portal, we have all possible videos which can be used. We write blogs and have also prepared other PR articles. Prior to the start of co-operation, we will be happy to provide you with consultancy on shading equipment.

Why are we better than our competition? You can find the answer in the section on our website.

We offer 3 types of cassettes.  You can find a complete comparison on our website.

What advantages do we offer?

An uncompromising quality:

  • Style, quality and an extensive selection put us among the tailor- made shutters leaders. We have all confidence in the uncompromising quality of our shutters at the best prices and our view is borne out by hundreds of satisfied customers. Become our customer and assure yourselves of the quality of shutters from FEXI.

On the market since 2010:

  • BOIS Services, s.r.o., has operated on the market since as early as 2010 and thus we have ample experience in sales and are experienced experts. Thanks to this we´re capable of providing you with comprehensive services at a high professional level. In 2017, we entered the market with FEXI shading equipment in which we also keep high standards and wish to be for our friends not only a reliable partner but also a friend and advisor.

Great support both during and after shopping:

  • We´re proud of a top-quality customer support both during and after shopping. We will send you as many as five fabric samples free of charge, help you with shutter measurement and selection, and we´re ready to answer any of your questions relating to tailor-made shutters. Our customer line is ready for you always from Monday to Friday from 08:30 AM to 04:30 PM.

Entirely secure shopping:

  • We take very seriously e-shop FEXI security, you can really shop with us without concerns. Owing to the HTTPS protocol, your sensitive data are entirely secure, all information between the browser and the server is transmitted in an encrypted form.

Best prices:

  • As with prices, we take an entirely uncompromising attitude to quality. We want to offer our customers top quality, always at the most favourable prices. Really always! Hence you can be sure that you will actually not regret shopping on FEXI.

Free samples:

  • We know than choosing a proper shutter (not only) for your home is an important process and it is not exactly an easy job to choose a fabric online. To help you and make sure that you actually choose the right one, we offer you a free service whereby you can have as many as five fabric samples sent to you, and thus you can take time to choose a shutter of your dreams in the comfort of your home.

Quantity discounts:

  • Do you shop on a large scale or are you our loyal customers? We do appreciate this and think of you as well. Take advantage of our special actions and discounts for those most loyal. Do not be afraid, you do no need to register yourself anywhere, it suffices if you shop with us. And do not forget – the more you shop with us, the greater discount you receive.

TOP 10 best selling products:

  1. Roleta Den a noc, Origin bílá, A 001b
  2. Roleta Den a noc, Nature bříza, A 067
  3. Roleta Den a noc, Origin béžový melír, A 008b
  4. Roleta Den a noc, Oriental šedá bříza, AA 112
  5. Roleta Den a noc, Luxus nature šedá bříza, A 01501
  6. Roleta Den a noc, Nature černá bříza, A 070
  7. Roleta Den a noc, Nature sněhobílá, A 020
  8. Roleta Den a noc, Nature černý dub, A 016
  9. Roleta Den a noc, Nature magnum temná ocel, AA 3340
  10. Roleta Den a noc, Nature slim světlý dub, A 053

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