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Imunoglukan P4H®

We´re the number one 1 on the Slovak market in the development and sale of nutritional supplements. We´re a family business that had started out of passion exploring Beta-glucans and discovered own patented immunity booster substance Imunoglukan®. We´re the advocates for a healthy lifestyle, scientific studies, and the truth. As a result, if we say that as many as 80 % of our customers come back to us on a regular basis, you just have to trust us.

We can come to taste of every target group:

  • Moms love our immunity booster syrup for children
  • Adults like in turn immunity booster tablets
  • Travellers are pleased to ensure themselves with a dietary supplement for the proper bowel function
  • The tables help the sick with the first symptoms of cold or flu
  • All put to themselves a cream that perfectly nourishes the skin

People like us because we have:

  • Free shipment when shopping at least 3 products
  • A loyalty system in which they get gifts
  • One guaranteed sales promotion action per month

In our portfolio we have:

  • 7 health promotional products in various forms
  • 30 countries where our brand is successful
  • Own factory that meets state-of-the-art medical standards

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    • Dognet Media

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    • Google CSS
    • External coupons
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