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The Košice-based company John C was set up in April 2007 with a view to providing customers with footwear, household goods, and haberdashery.

This is a company in which we offer a wide range of footwear. We also provide an option to place an order and shop various haberdashery and household goods. Our brick-and-mortar stores are harmonised in a modern style and we employ nice personnel, thereby creating a pleasant while shopping.

Our product range includes footwear of various types. We offer sneakers, pumps, sandals, boots, slippers … You´ll find with us both women´s and men´s goods, also kids´ footwear. We have an extensive selection from each type of shoes. We offer a lot of colours and models from everything.

Our advantages over competitors:

  • An extensive selection of women´s social footwear – pumps, social sandals …
    • Leather or faux leather products
    • Products made in the EU – sizes fit precisely, we can provide for even less commonly used colours (yellow, green, cyclamen, etc.)
    • We can additionally supplement sizes or provide for atypical sizes like women´s 42,35
  • An extensive selection of women´s and men´s sporting and kids´ footwear
    • An extensive selection of men´s leather footwear
    • An extensive selection of leather boots and shoes
    • We have a well-developed customer service, provide high quality of products at affordable prices
  • The most extensive selection of home wear shoes:
    • Slovak manufacturer MJARTAN
    • Hungarian manufacturer BATZ – leather medical shoes
    • An extensive selection of women´s, men´s and kids home wear shoes made in Slovakia

We have an advantage over our competitors as we frequently import new goods from various countries and thus offer each time something different, new. We offer monthly roughly 100 new models, having up to three pairs of each size. If sold out, we replace goods with a new model if requested, we can provide over again for that same model. 

Another beneficial strategy is a good location of the brick-and-mortar stores – in Košice on the principal street and in Poprad in the shopping mall.

TOP categories summer:

TOP categories:

TOP products:

  • Women´s white sneakers REINA
  • Women´s black sneakers AGIT
  • Women´s red sneakers REINA
  • Women´s black sneakers REINA
  • Women´s white ankle sneakers RAINA
  • Women´s grey slippers MAMKA
  • Women´s white sneakers REINY
  • Women´s yellow sneakers AGIT
  • Women´s black sneakers AGIS
  • Women´s orange sneakers CURRA

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