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We offer a wide-ranging selection of children´s and baby clothing at unbeatable prices. One no longer has to pay a lot for quality goods. See for yourself. Shop online from the comfort of your home.

We offer for sale quality children’s clothing, baby clothing and Disney children’s clothing in all children’s sizes from 0-7 years. Children’s clothing for boys and girls at affordable, unbeatable prices. The most modern, precisely crafted pieces of children’s clothing from various brands.

From the well-known licensed brand DISNEY, we offer for sale children’s sheets and Disney cot sheets, children’s tracksuits and T-shirts for girls and boys aged up to 7. For babies, you´ll find with us Disney children´s bodysuits, baby booties, towels, and Disney ponchos from size 56. All this with the print of popular fairy-tale characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Princess, Cars, Lietadielka, Hello Kitty, and various others…

We place great emphasis on the uniqueness of children’s and infant clothing and especially on its quality, which is reflected in the materials from which children’s clothing is made. 90% of our children’s and baby clothes are made of 100% cotton.

The e-shop´s upper side is shopping clothes for babies and older children from the comfort of your home. You can shop with us 24 hours a day…:)
The customer, our master! We seek to satisfy our clients and handle orders as quickly as possible. We despatch within 24 hours.

11 reasons why shop children´s clothing just with us?

  • we offer quality and moderns pieces of clothing for children and babies as well as a wide-ranging assortment of DISNEY children´s clothing
  • a wide-ranging colour offer of children´s and baby clothing
  • varied design of clothing for children and babies
  • 90% of children´s and infant clothing made of 100% cotton
  • beautiful clothes for newborns, toddlers, and kindergarteners
  • the possibility of choosing children’s clothes and clothes for babies for all occasions: birthday, baptism, leisure, sleep, for kindergarten
  • in addition to children´s and baby clothing, we also offer complementary goods: classic diapers, children´s towels and bath towels, children´s tights
  • a large selection of licensed DISNEY clothing: Disney tracksuits, Disney children´s T-shirts, Disney baby booties, Disney children’s bodysuits, sheets and cot sheets
  • Disney baby towels and ponchos, Disney girls’ and boys’ pullovers…
  • FREE shipping of children’s clothing for purchases over €50
  • we guarantee a replacement of goods or a refund when choosing inappropriate children’s clothing within 7 days according to the commercial terms and conditions
  • delivery of goods within 48 hours

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