Commission: 7% and 4% for cashback portals and 0,5% for voucher websites is a No. 1 in online sales of carpets, floors and accessories. We cover not only sales, but also the entire handling of an order from A to Z, including the whole transport (for everything free of charge), installation (laying), as well as sales services, such as cleaning. The main sales channel is a high-quality developed e-shop which works in both CZ and SK versions.

Mujkoberec displays not only its wide-ranging assortment and high-quality products portfolio (we´re the only to feature video reviews for all products), but mainly by the so-called ALL INCLUSIVE services that are free for the customer and include:

  • all free shipment, even when returned (we have no-reason returns within 1 year),
  • sending samples of goods for free,
  • the option of immediate visualization in a customer’s room using artificial intelligence,
  • custom-made carpets – any shape, size, colour,
  • purchase guarantee at the lowest price,
  • a deferred payment for 14 days without fees and interest,
  • free advice from a professional interior designer,
  • an extended warranty for 3 years for everything,
  • a free transport insurance,
  • the possibility to exchange a carpet purchased elsewhere,
  • express handling of claims up to 5 days.

Other popular services include:

  • a carpet / doormat with own print,
  • laying carpets and floors,
  • cleaning piece and metre carpets alike,
  • goods for which we have an exclusive right and cannot be bought anywhere else.

Target group:

  • 75% of buyers are women aged 35+ with an interest in home design and home decor,
  • pensioners (sometimes also a more creditworthy group). A remarkable part of customers is older,
  • for artificial grass, sometimes floors: men of productive age (more oriented to parameters).

Price policy:

The price level is medium (we´re not and can´t be a carpet discounter because of above-standard services). According to marketing researches, people praise us much for an excellent quality (of products and services alike) at reasonable prices.

In each category, we have in the assortment a representation of low-priced goods which are often bestsellers, but we always have a medium and high-quality representation of products covered, which can make up orders even for higher tens of thousands.


The e-shop´s conversion rate is approximately 1.5% is approximately 1.5%. The average order is 2,500 incl. VAT, with the potential posed to reach higher orders up to tens of thousands, euros such as when buying a large amount floors / carpets for home or office premises.

More information:

  • To increase credibility, the company has a showroom in Prague with samples of all kinds on display and with a personal collection option.
  • We also carry out projects, realizations (e.g. offices, apartments, hotels) and wholesale – B2B.

Ideas for making use of the campaign:

  • In the category Bargain Sales products at a discount or a more favourable price are still rotating, the category is updated on a regular basis, the promotions are limited.
  • Inspirations sell well – blogs and reviews. For example, choosing a carpet beautiful picture in a room, then people always want that particular carpet. Works great, e.g. the style pf the profile Studio My Home works excellently.
  • The influencers who add a personal experience with the product.
  • From an SEO point of view, topics like “how to” > how to choose a carpet, how to lay it, how to care for it are highly popular. Instructions or design tips – here it pays off to have a micro site or landing pages.
  • Contests for a carpet or a voucher are popular as well.
  • In winter – a carpet will warm from the floor and will also help with the flat insulation – it´s possible to save on heating 5 – 10%.
  • A carpet requires much less maintenance than flooring. It prevents dust from swirling and is pleasant to walk on.
  • Spring, summer – artificial grasses – the most practical and maintenance-free covering which constantly looks well.
  • Wool is a natural material that also has the capability to regulate humidity and microclimate in the room.
  • Natural and eco-friendly carpets – 100% free of artificial substances, ecologically and sustainably made.

Top categories:

Top 10 products:

  1. Outdoor Artificial Grass Carpet
  2. Life Shaggy 1500 Light Grey Piece Carpet
  3. Astra Custom-Made Brown Runner ft. Sewing Binding
  4. Samira New Red Piece Carpet 12001-011
  5. Santana 50 Black Carpet Sold by the Metre with Resin Base, Load
  6. Plus 8008 Black Piece Carpet
  7. Play 2903 Grey Children´s Piece Carpet
  8. SLK50 W648 White Oak Perimeter PVC Skirting Board
  9. Retro Brown Semicircle Stair Treads
  10. Camelia Grass Carpet Sold by the Metre

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