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We´re a specialize seller of professional hair cosmetics. We´ve supplied hairdressing salons since as early as 1994 and came to realize very soon that gentle and professional cosmetics should be available to all. Today, we operate three brick-and-mortar stores and since 2011 an e-shop in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We´re characterized by counselling sale, therefore the majority of our sellers are experienced hairdressers.


Our focus is on natural and gentle care in which we have not only the widest range of professional hair brands but also small family manufactures of body and skin cosmetics from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. We´ve carry out business representation for many brands from the 1990´s and continue to expand the assortment. In addition to hair, skin and body cosmetics we also have a wide-ranging offer of barber cosmetics and equipment.


Why shop with us:

  • Professional, gentle and natural cosmetics in a single place
  • We understand cosmetics – our sellers are not dispensers or packers, the majority of us are people with hairdressing experience. We conduct several times per year technologic training sessions for hairdressers and we educate ourselves constantly
  • We´re a family company with history since 1994 – family approach and background are one of the most important values for us and we believe that it manifests itself outside of our company
  • Speed and stock availability – we represent many brands in a given region or for the Czech and Slovak Republics, so stock availability is essential to us
  • Unique brands on the market – we like to support small family manufactures of natural cosmetics and carry out representation for many for the Czech and Slovak Republics

Who is the typical customer:

  • Women accenting health and beauty of their hair – we´ve long been against drugstore brands producing silicone cosmetics whose only essence is marketing. We believe that professional gentle cosmetics should be available to all, with the price difference been virtually minimum, if any.
  • Women supporting sustainable beauty – we choose cosmetics that is not only high-quality and functional but also that do not dissemble and create no problems through its action. It´s the respect for human, his health and the environment what we consider sustainable beauty.
  • Men who are not indifferent to hair and beard care – professional hair and beard care with proper equipment has a upward trend and we offer not only English and Italian barber brands but also in particular hair clippers, razors and shavers.  

For content publishers:

We´ll be pleased to enter into co-operation with content publishers. Whether you´re focused on professional, natural or barber cosmetics, let us know. We´ll be pleased to take over co-operation, offer products to try them out, or come up with other options.

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