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Do you also often rack your brain over what to do with your friends or family? Try it out with active entertainment, from which you will have many great memories.

With SkveléČ planning your leisure time is a breeze. Just as it is an absolute matter of course to book hotels and tickets online and with confidence, the SkveléČ portal also introduces this standard to leisure activities, even the smallest.

You´ll find thousands of activities in a single place – from entrances to amusement parks, monuments, zoos, water parks, wellness, fitness, through action games such as paintball, escape games, laser games to everyday sports or various courses or experiences that you can book in a few clicks.

Main advantages of shopping via SkveléČ

  • Security of place – when you book in advance, you don’t have to worry about it being sold out or waiting in a long line. You have secured your place.
  • A helper for choosing suitable activities – if neatly arranged filtering and a guide are not enough for you, you can contact the helpful customer service.
  • A cell phone ticket in a few clicks – Thanks to a unified reservation system for all activities, you’ll feel like in clover. You don’t have to call anywhere and deal with ordering at length. And in addition, you save nature 🙂
  • A guarantee of the same or lower price than on site – SkveléČ is not a discount portal, but with a large number of activities you´ll find a promo price or benefits that you´ll definitely appreciate.
  • Easy to change or cancel an order – You don’t have to worry about changing plans. For any activity, you know in advance when you can change the reservation or cancel it entirely.
  • A guarantee for the provision of a service – if you do not receive a service in the corresponding quality, you´ll get compensated for the price of that activity up to 100%.

Time is a precious thing. Ease your way to fun and spend time with the ones you love 🙂

Tips for publishers:

We have two main target groups. There are families with children where most of their leisure time is planned by mums who make decisions so that especially children like the activities. A child’s satisfaction plays the biggest role here. Another target group is a group of friends who mainly want to have fun and often make spontaneous decisions. They will most appreciate our modern way of booking activities, which will save them a lot of time in their implementation. An individual or a couple will also choose with us. We have a season all year round, but the strongest periods are spring and autumn, when people are not on vacation and running to the water or nature.

Come and change the world of leisure activities with us! 🙂

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