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Valach – obchod offers people high-quality and traditional Slovak and Czech products. In addition to the products you will find in this e-shop, we sell in our shop fresh and high-quality homemade cured meat products and traditional sheep, goat and cow cheeses and dairy products directly from sheds or producers of traditional foods.

You will find with us:

  • high-quality Slovak cheese products – sheep cheese, 100% sheep milk cheese, sheep milk whey, sheep yogurt, goat cheese, goat yogurt milk, starter, homemade butter, roasted butter, cow cheese, Orava string cheeses, fine braids, cheese-filled knots, cheese bowls, non-ripening steamed cheeses (parenice), smoked sheep milk cheeses (oštiepky), koliba cheeses, etc.
  • category “garden
  • category “toys
  • cheese torts
  • a special offer of farm ripening cow´s cheeses from Hozelec
  • do you want to make your own cheese for yourself? We have rennet for you
  • apian products and honeys – homemade Slovak honey and mead of world-class quality, natural apian cosmetics, propolis, apian pollen, royal jelly, beewax candles
  • herbal extracts, tinctures, massage oils
  • herbal teas
  • silicae, essential oils
  • nuts, legumes
  • 100% fruit jams, juices, syrups
  • spices and spice mixtures 
  • dried mushrooms
  • homemade pasta from homemade eggs, semolina, rye, spelt, wholegrain, graham.
  • flours (spelt, rye, buckwheat, amaranth, chickpea, millet, maize)
  • homemade sausages and cured meat products  
  • sauerkraut from Švábovce 
  • canned meat products 
  • we have prepared for you a selection of the very best Slovak wines from a variety of locations and a variety of producers whereby we will be happy to bring you the pleasure of quality and taste of the genuine Slovak vineyards.
  • genuine Slovak spirits, plum brandy, pear brandy, Cornelian cherry brandy, juniper brandy or Slovak whisky Nestville, but also many other Slovak gems.
  • many folk art objects

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