Commission disbursement process

Commission disbursement process

How the Dognet disbursement process works.

We are pleased if our publishers are successful and achieve the minimum value to pay out a commission (€100). For more information on options and a sample diagram, see here 🙂 


In this case it suffices to follow this process:

  • it suffices to ask for payment within administration (Summaries > My Payments > Request Payment)
  • it is impossible to ask for payment before you have achieved the payment minimum of €100,
  • we´ll send you a call for invoicing within several hours from making a request
  • PLEASE do not issue an invoice or any other document until after you´ve received the call 😉
  • you´ll learn all necessary information after making a payment request. The entire payment process starts with it.

Methods of payment for SK and CZ

  • it is ideal to pay out traditionally by issuing an invoice , which we´ll pay for
  • however we have a solution to making payments to natural persons as well – it is a document (confirmation), that you´ll send us that we´ve paid to you
  • the payment against invoice and the confirmation for natural persons are possible for both SK and CZ publishers
  • we´ll send the invoicing data to CZ VAT non-payers on demand

When issuing an invoice:

  • send in the invoice electronically as instructed in the invoicing call
  • the invoice will be paid as soon as possible – frequently even within a few hours from delivery
  • for invoicing data, see

In payment to a naturaal person – non-businessman

  • fill in the document attached to the invoicing call
  • then send it to e-mail address

For more information on options and a sample diagram, see here 🙂

In case of questions we´re here for you 🙂

Štefan Polgári

V online marketingu sa pohybuje už viac ako 10 rokov. Spoluzaložil affiliate sieť DOGNET a affiliate marketingu sa venuje na profesionálnej úrovni. Spoločne s kolegami sa snažia tento odbor na Slovensku pozdvihnúť a zapojiť čo najviac publisherov.

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